Tonight the draft lottery is held: odds, order ...

Tonight it will be known in what order they will choose the franchises in the 2019 NBA draft. Only one will have the pick that will give Zion Williamson.

A minutes after the 2019 Conference finals start with the first Warriors-Blazers in the Oracle (tomorrow Bucks and Raptors begin in the East), will be held in Chicago (around 02:30, Spanish time), the draw that It defines the final order of a draft that will take place on June 20 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Celebrated since 1985, this is an event that this year is marked entirely by the presence of Zion Williamson, the Duke sensation and the almost certain except historical surprise number 1 of the draft. With projection of generational player, tonight will know who chooses first and who gets a prize that can radically alter their future. For many, this is the most important pick since LeBron James in 2003.

The lottery actually decides the top four places. From there, the elections are granted in order inversely proportional to the final classification of the Regular Season. From worst to best, first with the rest of the teams that have not entered the playoffs (until the 14th election) and then with the they do play the eliminatory until completing the 30 first round elections. Then, the 30 second-round are ordered in the same way.

These are the options of the fourteen teams that enter tonight in the lottery to have a number 1 or one of those four that give the draw balls:

EQUIPO BALANCE SEASON NUMBER OPTIONS 1 TOP 4 OPTIONS New York Knicks 17-65 14% 52.1% Cleveland Cavaliers 19-63 14 52.1 Phoenix Suns 19-63 14 52.1 Chicago Bulls 22-60 12.5 48 Atlanta Hawks 29-53 10.5 42.1 Washington Wizards 32-50 9 37.2 N. Orleans Pelicans 33-49 6 26.3 Dallas Mavericks 33-49 6 26.3 Memphis Grizzlies 33-49 6 26.3 Min. Timberwolves 36-46 3 13.9 LA Lakers 37-45 2 9.4 Charlotte Hornets 39-43 1 4.8 Miami Heat 39-43 1 4.8 Sacramento Kings 39-43 1 4.8 Exceptions for Previous Operations

-Los Cavaliers owe a first round to the Hawks for the transfer of Kyle Korver, but this year it has protection 1-10 (it would only be for the Geo rgia starting from pick 11) and, with the second worst record of the season, the Cavs can not choose beyond the sixth position.

-The Grizzlies would give the Celtics their first round (by the transfer of Jeff Green ) but has protection 1-8. It will be the green from number 9, the post from which, precisely, those of Tennessee before the lottery start.

-The Mavericks will give the Hawks their first round, by the handover of the election of Luka Doncic last summer, if it's not in the top five. With the eighth worst balance of the season, Texans have almost 90% chance of having to give their choice to Georgia, who received Trae Young after the draft and that pick by the Slovenian base.

-The pick of the Kings, the last team of those who enter the hype, went from the Sixers (by Nick Stauskas) to the Celtics (by Markelle Fultz). Now it's from Boston but the Sixers put a protection top 1: if it is number 1 will be the Philadelphia, but there is only 1% of options so.

A new system to combat the tanking

The NBA introduces This year a new model when weighing the options of each franchise. This, plus an evolution that a revolution, trata to reduce the advantage of the worst teams to try to soften a little the tanking. Now and for the first time, the three worst will have the same options to take the number 1 (14% ) with the fourth (12.5) and the fifth (10.5) not far away. In the previous system, the options of the first five were 25%, 19.9, 15.6, 11.9 and 8 , 8. The teams in the temperate zone of the lottery also have more options to access the top 4 that decides the draw. The worst team not only worsens their odds of winning 1, but pick 4 was guaranteed in the worst case because the lottery only decided three. Since there are now four, that worst ranked player can be fifth if the four balls turn their backs on him and then enter by default through his worst position in the ranking.

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