This is the struggle for salvation in the absence of two days

With six points still in play, nobody has certified their permanence but it has confirmed two descents: Rayo Vallecano and Huesca.

In the absence of two games, none of the six main candidates for the descent has mathematically certified the permanence, but they have confirmed two descent: Rayo Vallecano and Huesca are already Second Division teams next season. One day then, the classification is still quite tight and although some teams catch air after completing the first of their three remaining finals, everything can change. At the moment, any of the three hypothetical descendants would have been saved last season: Deportivo closed the decline in the 2017-18 academic year with 29 points. Six points at stake to know who will accompany the Ray to the silver category.

Celta de Vigo: 14th with 40 points Left: Athletic out and Lightning at home.

The rotations of Barcelona and the good work of Celta in the second half added 3 unlikely points in the box of the Vigo team. Practically evicted two months ago, Iago Aspas return has breathed life into the vigueses: the vigueses add 15 of the last 24 possible points since the return of the 10th Moañés. The Goalaveraje has been lost with Levante and Valladolid, will depend on the general against the Girona and they have won it to Huesca and Villarreal. Ante Rayo, lost 4-2 in the first leg, and has not won in San Mamés for more than a decade.

Villarreal: 15th with 40 points Left: Eibar at home and Getafe out

The consecutive punctures against Huesca and Real Madrid again delay the celebration of the stay in the Submarine. They are not the most complicated, but they can get into a mess. Le has won the goalaveraje Levante, tied with Huesca and Girona and lost to Celta and Valladolid. They only got a point in the first round before their next two rivals.

Levante: 16th with 40 points Le qudan: Girona out and Atlético de Madrid at home

The win against Rayo certified the descent of Madrid and gave air to Paco Lopez. He added 7 of the last 12 points, only falling to Barcelona on the day the Blaugranas sang the alirón. The match of the next day ante the Girona can be decisive to ensure the permanence and also to win the goalaveraje to the Catalans before an eventual tiebreaker.

Valladolid: 17th with 38 points You have left: Lightning outside and Valencia at home.

El Pucela sells his skin expensive. The victory against Athletic takes them out of relegation posts and allows them to breathe. His career is irregular, but little by little he adds vital points to ensure permanence. He has the goalaveraje won with Girona, Celta and Villarreal, but he has lost with Levante and Huesca. The game of the next game against Rayo can be decisive to achieve the goal set at the beginning of the year, although lost against the franjirrojos in the first round.

Girona: 18th with 37 points Left: Levante at home and Alavés out.

Losing the first of its finals against Getafe, the day the Azulons claimed to finish among the top seven, deepens in their crisis and sends them to the last relegation point for the time being. Only Goalaveraje has beaten Rayo and depends on the general against Celta; The rest has lost them with all their rivals. In the first round empató in Orriols and added a point in the visit of Alavés to Montilivi. The victory against Sevilla was a mirage: have only scored in two of its last ten games .

Rayo Vallecano: 19th with 31 points - DESCENDED He's left: Valladolid at home and Celta out. Only one carom could save the franjirrojos and it did not happen: a victory of Valladolid against Athletic certified the descent of the Rayo. The Vallecanos will fight until the end to descend with as many points as possible and thus dignify the competition, but el Real objective is to return as soon as possible to First. Could, yes, complicarle life to one of its last two rivals: Valladolid and Celta fell to the locals in the first round.

Huesca: 20º with 30 points - DESCENDED You have left: Betis outside and Leganés at home.

The Altoaragones have descended to Second after one year in the elite. The Huesca had to win their next three matches and Valladolid and Girona did not add more or stay at 39 points but it has not been possible. The hard defeat at home against Valencia returns him to the well after his first year in Primera.

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