They ask to the owner of the Lakers that traspase to LeBron James

The refusal of Tyronn Lue to train the Lakers has unleashed all kinds of rumors, affecting some to the star of the team.

The Lakers fall into a spin again and again and that makes especulaciones shoot for the summer, one of the most important - along with the previous - in recent years. The unsuccessful hiring of Tyronn Lue as coach has started another round of shocks reported by the famous journalist Stephen A. Smith (ESPN) .

The main thing that is rescued from his information is that there are people around Jeanie Buss, owner of the angelina franchise, which is piring it to transfer to LeBron James. The key is how unprotected the Akron player is now after the refusal of Lue, his favorite (and also, therefore, that of the Lakers) .

"You do not know which part of the domino is going to fall now. for granted and nobody knows what the hell is happening now in Los Angeles ", comments.

Otra of the keys of this is that it may affect the recruitment of free agents ... for better or for worse. The name given is that of Kawhi Leonard, which would be discussed between Lakers and Clippers in addition to the Raptors, where it is now.

LeBron James does not have, as it did once Kobe Bryant, a clause by which vetar a possible traspaso. On the other hand, James has never been traded in his career in the NBA, has always changed equipment by signing as a free agent; it would be, therefore, a novelty.

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