There will be seventh: Lillard and McCollum send the tie back to Denver

The backcourt of Portland gets 62 points and with the invaluable help of Hood (25) they force the seventh game against some Nuggets that went from more to less.

There will be seventh game in Denver next Sunday and there are already two (Raptors-Sixers), which can be three (Warriors-Rockets). Tremendous day that awaits us to close the week and these conference semifinals that are slowly raising the level of a postseason that had started quite loose. With regard to this tie the result is unpredictable. Both teams have won a game away from home, they have been ahead, behind and tied. Anything is possible.

For example, that the Portland Splash Brothers break the game as it happened today. Con Damian Lillard remembering the first round (32 points, 6 triples) and with CJ McCollum in his best version (30 + 6), the Blazers become a machine capable of everything. Little by little the two of them went around a match in which the visitors started better (26-34 in the first quarter) and that threatened to close the series today.

Subidos again on the back of Nikola Jokic (29+ 12 + 8) the Nuggets seemed to have dominated the situation. They wanted to extend their excellent fifth game, where they gave no options to the rival. But this time the ideas did not last them all the game. And that Jamal Murray already seems totally settled in the good performances. 24 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists for a player who sowed some doubt at the beginning of the playoffs (and also caused some miracle) but now is playing at least remarkable each night.

With what is not known if they counted, although they should do it because a few games ago that stopped being a surprise, is with Rodney Hood. Once again the escort came from the bench to be decisive. This time with 25 points and 4 rebounds. Together with Lillard and McCollum, they have become the first trio to have all at least 25 points in a victory in which they played away from Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin and Keith Van Horn with the Nets at 2002. The other key player since the bench was Zach Collins (14 + 4) as the playoffs are progressing is beginning to gain ground to Enes Kanter.

In the Nuggets the problem was especially in the substitutes, that beyond the 7 points of Barton did not add almost nothing Because they were not bad neither Millsap (17 + 6), nor Harris (15 and 5 assists), nor Craig (10 + 4). Simply the Nuggets were worse. Sometimes it happens and the luck for them is that they have one bullet left in the chamber. And a very good one, because they can shoot it at home, with the moral and environmental advantage that means. We will see if they are capable of finishing or, on the contrary, it is the Blazers who uncover the champagne. For any of the two to get into the final will be the jackpot.

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