The weak point of the Ferrari SF90

All the spotlights point to the front, as the engine exhibits power and cutting edge with double alloy pistons.

How is it possible that after they were by far the fastest in the pre-season tests and after five races the best result of Ferrari is a third place? This is the question that invades the paddock of the 'Great Circus and whose answer they try to find out in Maranello.

Because beyond the Bahrain Grand Prix 2019, where only one short circuit inside the control unit of the injection system distanced Charles Leclerc from the triumph, the Cavallino Rampante has not had at any time the speed enough to plant battle for Mercedes, being surpassed even in Melbourne and Barcelona by Red Bull.

A falta performance that is not caused by a lack in the development of the single-seater, since technicians in northern Italy have not only presented in Baku and Montmeló two significant advances that have transformed the entire aerodynamics of the car, but that have ipado the homologation of the second power unit planned for Montreal.

In this regard, the revenue of the transalpine propeller is out of any debate. The main novelty of the new machine released on the banks of the Besós River reside in the use of pistons of double alloy, capable of supporting a greater amount of pressures and temperatures without compromising the reliability of the combustion engine.

Similarly, engineers led by Corrado Iotti have also reduced the size of the radiator of the ERS, as well as horizontally placed this element to mitigate the resistance to the advance of the car. To make matters worse, Shell contributed to this advance with a new gasoline to reduce the excessive consumption of the previous power unit.

So where are the weaknesses of the SF90 located? The main setback reported by Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc to date is that they suffer from an notable understeer in slow corners, difficulty that also affects the management of tires and whose origin lies in the front.

But not only the innovative spoiler Front designed to deflect the air flows out of the front wheels is the cause of these adversities. The Scuderia, for example, has barely modified the front suspension in the last two years, unlike Brackley and Milton Keynes.

While the W10 equips this season two innovative pivots to counterbalance the upper triangle of the lower one and move the push rod to make the car go down when turning in corners, the RB15 premiered in the Caucasus region an improvement where the st largest arm and advanced of the upper elements is directly attached above the rear arm, two developed planned to adapt to the slightly harder compounds that Pirelli has drawn for the 2019.

Cabe remember that the suspensión is one of the most important elements and that greater degree of incidence has on the behavior of a single-seater. Achieving a correct stability facilitates that the tires increase their adherence to the asphalt and therefore, the pilots can be faster in their passage through the curve.

"The car has strengths, we know them, but it also has weaknesses that we have to understand better for the future" , admitted Mattia Binotto after the Spanish Grand Prix 2019. The presence of Vettel and Leclerc in the post race tests highlight the importance of these two days for Ferrari, perhaps in the Gestione Sportiva they should start paying more attention to some areas that have recently gone unnoticed.

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