The Warriors of all life disarm the Blazers

With the Splash Brothers in full swing (62 points between Curry and Thompson) and Green reigning in defense, the Warriors take the first game.

Kevin Durant has two games and a quarter without playing. Since then we have seen how, progressively, the Warriors went back to 2015 and 2016, which in his case is not bad news. The first year was the first ring of this group and the second, the historical record in the regular season. Therefore we are talking about an outstanding team that with the defeat in the 2016 final against the Cavs and the arrival of Kevin Durant we might have forgotten a bit about him. But there it goes, deep down, and he has shown that he is willing to act when necessary.

They have changed pieces since then, but the basic remains in Oakland: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. The three of them they were from the beginning, around them the champion we now know was built and in these last two games they are remembering the first days of glory more than ever. With Curry that, with the injury of Durant and as if it were an internal spring, has awakened to show its best version. Today in your strongest match from start to finish. He was the top scorer of the match with 36 points, his 34th playoff meeting over thirty-two and equaling Harden in the third position of active players (behind LeBron and, precisely, Durant). He also took 6 rebounds and dealt 7 assists in a very complete base game. But the best news for his team was his success facing the basket.

Curry met 9 triples in 15 attempts (60%). He only made three more shots than all the Blazers (7/28) and scored the same points as Lillard and McCollum combined. The defeat of the Portland ones begins to be explained there. It's the fourth time in the postseason that he has put so many three-pointers, tying with Ray Allen as those who have done the most times in history. Curry's match was spectacular. Still the Blazers reacted in the third quarter, when they were losing 17 and it seemed that the game was sentenced. They managed to reduce the disadvantage to 5 points between the end of that period and the beginning of the last between Roodney Hood and Maurice Harkless, both with 17 points.

But then came the time of Klay Thompson. The guard, who was not particularly successful, put 2 triples (3 totals in 9 attempts) and several more baskets to put back double digit distance. All this with the inestimable help of Quinn Kook (8) who signed a few minutes when the game was matched and Curry was on the bench. Finally, and with all the starters back, Draymond Green gave the final push to his with his constant intensity in the area, a triple from the corner and a steal that lifted the Oracle Arena and left the Blazers permanently sunk. The power forward has reached the playoffs at the best time of the season and remembers the player who won the Best Defender award two years ago. 12 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks for a man who should not be surprised to see him at this level in qualifying rounds, a field for which he seems to have been born.

The Blazers have clearly arrived at the series tired. The triples have entered and their two stars have been earthly. All this is true and, at the same time, they are not worth it at all. Because if they want to have options to stay alive they know that going 2-0 from Oakland (something that would not surprise anyone) can be lethal. And playing as they have done today, they have all the ballots they have to pass. So they have two days to react, to propose something that will shake this vintage version of the Warriors that seems so unbeatable with that season of 73-9.

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