The most coral Raptors equal the tie to the Bucks

Without abusing the talent of Kawhi (19), five other players reached double digits and balanced the tie. Great match for Marc and Ibaka.

The Toronto Raptors have managed to get off the ground when many began to give them sentenced. After wasting a great opportunity in the first game and being swept in the second, they have done well to play at home winning both games at home and putting the series tied again. It is a new beginning, as if nothing had happened. Start from scratch with only three games ahead, we will see if only two.

A unlike two days ago, when the Raptors needed two extensions to defeat some pretty loose Bucks, this time have shown their best version. And all this without a decisive Kawhi Leonard. The forward has made a good match, it is almost impossible that he does not. But he has not been at the stratospheric level he's used to in these playoffs. He stayed in 19 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks. His 13 shots are his second lowest mark of these eliminatory. He was the second that more threw of the equipment, but with other three companions practically in the same numbers. The Raptors less dependent on Kawhi are remembered, especially against a rival of this importance. Good news for Toronto.

The match started with a very aggressive Giannis who immediately began to dominate on both sides of the court and put his own ahead. But the Raptors had a plan and they were not going to deviate from it. Asphyxiating pressure and double coverages on the Greek, often at the expense of leaving only Eric Bledsoe. He is shooting with a 13.8% success (4/29) from more than a meter and a half from the basket. So the minimum advantage that the visitors took in the first quarter vanished in a seen and not seen. With a Kyle Lowry in his best possible version in the playoffs, being the decisive player that is not always. 25 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists for him.

But if there are two keys to stand out from the Raptors in this game were Marc Gasol and the bench. The Spanish center played badly the first two games and was singled out for it. But in these last two has gone back the flight to be a capital player. 17 + 5 + 7 and 2 plugs, and returning to command in a defense that this time, dried almost all the attack routes of the opponent. Except Khris Middleton (30 + 6 + 7) the rest of the players were missing. Especially Malcolm Brogdon, who from his new role of substitute was being a nightmare for Canadians. With 63.4% in real shot and +36 with him on track, the Raptors had a real problem. Last night he stayed in a 4 + 5 + 3 in 27 minutes, missing 9 of his 11 shots and the 3 triples he tried.

The other key for the locals was the bench. Among them Ibaka, who is playing an irregular playoffs but when he gets to be the protagonist his team raises many integers. This time it was 17 points and 13 rebounds. VanVleet was also good (13 and 6 assists). But the great protagonist of the substitutes was Norman Powell, with 18 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in 32 minutes. Tomorrow night the series will return to Milwaukee, where he does nothing they saw everything face and now sure that some will have emerged Doubts. We will see if enough for the Raptors to give the bell to win out and put the tie really upside down.

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