The mayor of Los Angeles, fan of the Lakers, surrenders: "Right now we are the city of the Clippers"

Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, admits the superiority of the Clippers over the Lakers, his team, in this last season of the NBA.

Eric Garcetti, mayor of the city of Los Angeles since 2013, has surprised TMZ with his latest statements. The politician, recognized follower of the Lakers, has broken a spear for the good shape of the Clippers, eternal rival, as a franchise: "It will be the Lakers until I die, but now this city is the Clippers."

The president of the Californian city spoke about how to see the latest rumors circulating about the Lakers, both the reasons for the refusal of Tyronn Lue to be the next coach as a transfer with LeBron James as the epicenter:

"We want LeBron is staying in. We have to bring more people and get the young people we have left in. There are always bad years and we just went through one, we have to stabilize things and make sure we can have four, five or six good years "

" Tyronn Lue would have been fine for his affinity with LeBron, but let's look now for the ideal person for the next decade. to LeBron, but for what will come next: the sunset and the next was "

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