The Madrid of Garuba wins the Euroleague with a star Nakic

The forward, MVP, excelled in the final against the Serbian Mega (95-76) with 33 points and 41 assessment. Sylla added 40 (16 + 14) and Garuba, 21 points and 5 blocks.

In 2015 were Doncic, Yusta, Barreiro and company and now they are the Garuba, Nakic, Sylla, Queeley, Tisma, Samar, Mejias, Ruben Lopez ... a big block with many promising players, which is what it is about beyond of the titles. Madrid is the European junior champion (U18) for the second time since the Euroleague tournament was created at 2003. And it is with a stellar performance by the Balkan forward Mario Nakic, son of Ivo Nakic, Petrovic's partner in the Cibona Record of annotation and evaluation in a final. He finished with 33 points (7 of 13 of two, 1 of 3 in triples and 16 of 19 from the staff), 8 rebounds and 4 assists for 41 of valuation. And also with the unpayable labor of the Senegalese Amar Sylla, which has a progression that brings him closer to the elite: 16 points, 14 sacks, 6 basket passes and 5 blocks for 40 credits. While Usman Garuba added 5 hats to his 21 points for 25 points, 22.2 on average in the tournament.

Four qualifying tournaments, 32 teams and a final phase in Vitoria in which the targets have swept. Four wins now unblemished in the final phase and four before in Munich, during qualifying in January. The Mariano de Pablos leave Vitoria with the trophy and with a sense of overwhelming superiority, rarely seen before in this event. From Thursday to Sunday they have chained four wins for an average difference of 29.5 points eight days after winning the championship of Spain to Barcelona.

El Mega Bemax Serbian was a great finalist, the toughest opponent for Real in the Adidas Next Generation (officially called the tournament) , although its quality (large interior movements Aleksandar Langovic) was not enough. He started strong and focused (5-9), but he disengaged without solution in the second quarter before the Madrid defensive display with included mates display and the extraordinary talent of Nakic and Garuba. Between both they grouped to the rest 36 so many (21 and 15, respectively) of the 50 of Real and 47 of evaluation (27 and 20) .

But there was more, the great work of the Senegalese Sylla and its intimidation, the enormous defense of the English Queeley (signed a beautiful penetration) and the vision of the Slovenian Ziga Samar (4 assists then). The gap had opened up to +22 (50-28) and the merit of the Mega was to partially sew it. A shot of three triples came to put on the restart: 62-53. It was in the grip, Sylla and Nakic pulled him away with another arreón despite showing character and competitive level.

From there to the end, Nakic gave us a canasta in a one on two in penetration with ending to last ring. And the Serbian coach, an emotional hug to one of his players in a time-out, to Marko Brekic, specifically, who did not have the day in the shot. And then he led his players to make a pineapple to celebrate runner-up. Those of Madrid sang in the stands embracing their relatives and friends that of "European champions" .

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