The Levante will sell shares and raise the quota for the discount

The Levante increases from two to four the minimum number of shares that the shareholders of the club must have to benefit from the discount in the season pass.

El Levante UD issued on the afternoon of Tuesday two communications in tune with the Levante UD 'Cent Anys' Foundation related to the sale of shares, which will begin today in a first phase, and also with the new policy to be taken by the club to the hour of the discount for the season pass to the shareholders of the entity.

Comunicados del Levante UD

The Board of Directors of the Levante UD, assembled this afternoon, at the request of the Executive Committee of the Foundation of the Levante UD 'Cent Anys' and of its president Vicente Furió, has decided to approve, the following points:

1.- Increase from two to four the number of shares that are necessary to get a discount on the season ticket.

2.- Raise said discount of 50 euros current up to 60 euros.

3.- Acquire the commitment until the end of its current mandate to maintain the discount of the credit to the shareholders who own at least four titles and in no case or raise, or lower the number of shares to benefit from this discount.

The Board has agreed, in an extraordinary way, these measures in order to encourage the acquisition of shares that will put on sale the Foundation.

Comunicado Fundación Levante

The Fundación Levante UD 'Cent Anys' after receiving the statement from the Protectorate of Foundations, proceeds from tomorrow, May 22, to the sale of 17,877 shares of the package of which it owns at this time at a price of 135 euros and in the following phases:

-First phase: From May 22 to June 14 of this 2019, all the shareholders of Levante UD may buy up to a maximum of three shares.

-Second phase: From June 17 to July 13, 2019, for subscribers of 2018-19 who do not have shares and up to four titles and who will renew their pass for the 2019-20 season. In strict order of petition until completing all available shares.

-Third phase: As of July 15, 2019, and if previously all the indicated shares had not been sold, any interested party may acquire up to a maximum of 100 Actions.

The sale of shares will be from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the club offices.

The acquisition of the shares can be done with payment in cash, provided they do not exceed 2,000 euros per transaction; by bank card; or through financing, in the same offices of the club, through Caixa Popular and under the conditions established by this entity.

On the other hand, the Foundation thanks the Board of Directors for its decision this afternoon to approve the increase in the discount from 50 to 60 euros for those shareholders that have four titles in their possession, in addition to maintaining said discount during the mandate of the current governing body of the company.

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