The Leganés works in the future thinking in defense of five

The initial intention of Pellegrino is to maintain for the next year the same system, not only for the good results, but for the preparation of his current defense.

El Leganés works right now in the next season thinking more about retaining the players (well yielded, well owned) than in the additions of new faces. This was admitted yesterday by Txema Indias, sports director, in the Cope Chain: first to shore up and then, to sign. In any case, whether to keep key parts of the gear, or to bring new parts, the club moves under the scale of maintaining the system used by Mauricio Pellegrino throughout the campaign just completed. The defense of five will continue being the guide of the team.

El second project of El Flaco will maintain, at least for the beginning of the summer, the system that has given such good results this year. It must be remembered that Leganés finished the course as the fourth-less-thrashed team in the First Division with 43 conceded targets. Only Atletico de Madrid, Valencia, Getafe and Barcelona, all teams that will dispute European competitions.

Sucede, besides, that a system change seems very difficult because of the characteristics of the defenses with which Pellegrino has at this time. So they see it from the club and that is how the coaching staff understands it. Except revolution in the rear (something that seems very complicated), the normal thing is that the preseason works with the wicker to perpetuate the system.

A change that led Siovas

A his arrival in Leganes, Pellegrino began playing with 4-2-3- 1 that sometimes was a 4-4-2 and even a 4-3-3. Offensive formulas that the coach changed at the request of Dimitris Siovas. El Flaco has confessed that in a training session the Greek defender ordered him to delay the defensive line.

"Mister, we defend very high and we are slow defenses", said the central defender on that occasion. Pellegrino, always receptive to the indications of his players, meditated on this idea and gave the reason to his pupilo.

The solution was to delay the defense and begin to defend differently also based on a new system, the defense of three central , which had to be polished with the passage of the weeks.

Although the coach started playing with a 5-4-1, finally imposed the 5-3-2 as usual formula and almost immovable in their alignments, although El Flaco has also sometimes mutated the drawing with the party in march to look for better results. Revolutions that, everything is said, in many moments have been effective.

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