The LaLiga open match will continue in GOL until 2022

LaLiga has awarded Mediapro the open match of LaLiga Santander and both of LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3 for the next three seasons.

LaLiga has awarded Mediapro, on the last day of the term, the lots of the open match of LaLiga Santander and the two of LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3 for the next three seasons, until 2022. In this way, the football landscape in Open of the two main domestic tournaments stays in the same hands. GOL will remain the channel that retransmits the parties.

In its official statement, LaLiga added that it is a "provisional award in the absence of formalizing the relevant agreements." It also confirmed that none of the offers submitted reached the "Reserve Price" and, therefore, the Audiovisual Rights Management Control Body "has decided to provisionally award them a Mediapro because it is the highest economic offer". The formalization of the agreement should take place on May 13.

This was the only question that remained regarding the television rights of the next three seasons. Telefónica has been the main contractor: it has remained exclusively with all the first paid matches (for € 980M a year) and Second Division, as well as the six games of the promotion playoffs (these are not exclusive) .

Por his part, Mediapro, which had retained the rights for the bars and the open summaries (for 160M €), adds the three open matches. All the lots for the term 2019-2022 have already been awarded by LaLiga.

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