The Lakers could go for Beal if they do not get Anthony Davis

The guard, who has two more years of contract with the Wizards, could end up in Los Angeles. It is also rumored that Miami could be Mike Conley's next destination.

The draft lottery has left several surprises in the NBA and many of them end up leading to negotiations that, in principle, were not expected and that can change the course of a franchise. The New Orleans Pelicans were the big winners of the night after taking the No. 1 pick that, except for a big surprise, will belong to Zion Williamson; but the draft lottery did not behave badly with the Lakers, who climbed from a hypothetical 11th place to be able to choose in fourth position.

This pick could become a young man for the litter of Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma and company or extra at the time of negotiation. Precisely these two teams, which monopolized the media focus in the last transfer market with the failed attempt of the Lakers to take over Anthony Davis, are inevitably 'forced' to change some pieces of your puzzle. Californians are still struggling to build a solid block around LeBron James who can choose to compete for the championship. For its part, the Louisiana franchise will seek a good exchange for Davis, who made it clear a few months ago that his future was far from New Orleans.

Lakers interest in 'The Eyebrow' has not disappeared, but the gold franchise and purple also handles alternatives if this negotiation does not come to fruition. According to Sean Deveney (Sporting News), the Lakers could go for Bradley Beal if they do not get to the Pelicans center . The Wizards guard has signed an amazing season, which has helped him repeat his appearance in the All Star Game. His quality and ability to lead a block (the team has been thrown to the back after the long-term loss of John Wall) have not gone unnoticed in Los Angeles, which would have to put on the table to several of their players for take charge of his file: he still has two years left for a total of 56 million dollars. The good thing about Lakers is that they have young people to include in this transfer, without forgetting their draft pick, and the Wizards could see With good eyes, an offer of this draft. At this moment they are in no man's land.

Mike Conley's future could be in Miami

The Memphis Grizzlies are immersed in a tremendous process of reconstruction. Last year they took Jaren Jackson Jr. in their fourth draft pick and their idea was to build a young block around the rookie. Now they have benefited from the raffle and will have a second election: everything points to the chosen base Ja Morant, ex-Murray State. This fact would further strengthen the idea that Mike Conley leaves the Tennessee franchise, in which he has played his twelve years as a professional.

It was in the past market when the Grizzlies left to see their idea of the future: they sent Marc Gasol to Toronto and they were about to close an exchange with the Jazz in which they would include their experienced base. Now, and with a more important reason, they will look for this failed exchange to bear fruit and the Miami Heat could have the key to open the exit door to Mike Conley, as announced by Sean Deveney. The base is a piece that already wanted to tell Pat Riley, president of the Heat, before his last renewal.

At this time the Florida do not have a good position in the draft to negotiate (13th) but their first elections future are possibly better than those of Jazz, the other of the interested parties, and that is a trump card for those in Miami. The big problem that floats over the sky of Memphis is that they would have to take care of a toxic salary if the exchange occurs. The only player of the Heat that approaches the salary of Conley (32 million) is the pivot Hassan Whiteside, who would have to previously execute his player option for 27 million. Anyway, it remains to be seen if this player could fit into the Grizzlies and, more importantly, if that's what the franchise wants for a piece as valuable as Conley.

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