The Knicks' dream drifts away: Durant is no longer so clear

His agent has declared that he is "100% hesitant" about what he will do in the summer and from the USA they begin to point out the Clippers as a possible destination.

The New York Knicks have completed one of the worst seasons of their history, but with a clear goal: to aspire to number 1 in the draft to take Zion Williamson. Luck did not accompany them in the lottery, which placed them at number three. So to have the former Duke in their ranks is much more than a chimera.

Bero A part of Zion, in the Big Apple hoped to go from being the worst team in the league to an aspiring to all thanks to the signings of free agents that they want to carry out this summer. The salary space they have allows it. And they aimed high. The two names that have sounded most are those of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, to the point of almost taking for granted in the case of the first. But it seems that everything has changed in recent weeks.

If we attend to the words of Rich Kleiman, agent of the player, in a talk of the Wall Street Journal Durant's fate could be in the Knicks or anywhere else: "It's 100 % hesitant and I'm waiting for him to decide, that's the truth ", he asked the question of where we would see the player next season. "He's not putting together a story about his future while playing the way he plays and trains the way he trains ... He really does not know what he's going to do and I do not know either" .

These statements would fit with some previous information to his injury against the Rockets who said that Durant was no longer so clear the decision to leave the Warriors. "I think I had not had as much fun playing basketball as I am doing now" , the forward was in the midst of his impressive run of playoff performances. Then everyone praised him and even Steve Kerr came to compare with Jordan and said he was the best player on the planet.

The performance of his teammates since he sees the games from home, with an immaculate 6-0 (7-0 counting the day of his injury), playing better as a team and almost all individually, may convince you to look elsewhere. If the reason to leave was to go to a team where it was not discussed if it is number one or not, , if they need you or not to win, that is just what is happening again. But right there, where it seemed that the Knicks had the upper hand, now another actor appears and does it with force.

Marc Stein, a New York Times journalist, analyzes how is the situation: " As for the future of Durant I'm not afraid to say that firm predictions about what Durant will do when free agency starts in 40 days are not recommended ", Stein explains, implying that Durant's head is nowhere in particular.

"In the last month, people I've consulted and who know the subject well claim that the Clippers have emerged as an equally dangerous threat to the Knicks in the event that Durant leaves the Warriors and I believe it. that, at various times of the season, I've heard from trusted people that Durant is planning to join the Knicks ... Then he was likely to also consider the Nets ... And now that He is looking at the Clippers in the same way as New York. " So Los Angeles Clippers, another franchise that sounds in all the rumors of the destinies of the stars that will be free, would also have options to take over the eaves.

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