The Grizzlies are already clear who they will choose: the base Ja Morant

The Grizzlies will have the 2nd choice of the NBA Draft 2019 after the Pelicans and they would have decided the player to ask. No surprise

The incogitas of the NBA Draft 2019 are becoming more and more clear and that's only been a day since the lottery of positions was held. Zion Williamson is destined to be number 1, which would cause him to leave -if there is no transfer in between- to Pelicans from New Orleans. But there is more.

The Grizzlies has the second secured position. In Memphis search pasar page of the last 15 years, in which a Gasol has been the face of the franchise. Marc was the last to leave and there are more changes: they lack a coach, as they pitched to J.B. Bickerstaff against all odds, and it seems that Mike Conley also has the hours counted (at least as a reference in his position).

Conley is base and it seems that the player that will be made in the month of June thanks to the draft is also, and much younger. Jonathan Givony, of ESPN, says the franchise already has decidido: the esigned will be Ja Morant.

Morant has been climbing steps as the NCAA season went by, which did not start as one of the players to have in account. It is an electric base, very spectacular, with physical abilities but also with the ability to manage and make their own shots. It was counting on him for a month to see him as 2nd choice and it seems that it will happen.

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