The Getafe de Bordalás, the best in history: fifth and 59 points

It surpasses to the equipment of Míchel, that in season 2009-10 it was sixth with 58 points. Getafe will play in Europe for the third time. Mata arrived at the National Team.

El Getafe has completed the best season of its history. Bordalás team finished in fifth place with 59 points, beating that Getafe of the 2009-10 season that, in the hand of Michel, was sixth with 58 points.

azulón club has qualified to play in Europe for third time. The first time he participated in European competitions was in the UEFA Cup 2007-08, reaching the quarterfinals where he was eliminated by Bayern Munich. His second presence in Europe was in the Europa League of the 2010-11 season, in which the team coached by Michel was eliminated in the group stage.

The brilliant season of this Getafe de Bordalás had the icing on the cake with the Jaime call Kills for the national coach, Luis Enrique, reaching the debut against Norway.

Bordalás: "This will be in the history of Getafe"

José Bordalás, coach of Getafe, said this Saturday at a press conference that the classification of his team in the fifth position of the League supposes "an unprecedented merit" for the whole of Madrid, which will remain in the "history" of the entity chaired by Angel Torres.

"Many times we fall into the error of not assessing what The fact of having been in Champions positions for many weeks does not have to generate any doubt for us. ne and enjoy it. Having managed to be in Europe is not easy for a team like Getafe, "he said.

" We got it twice, once for being a Cup finalist. Getafe, every year in the First Division had only achieved it twice. . It is an unprecedented merit and will remain in the history of Getafe ", added.

Bordalás did not want to talk about his future. At the moment, he has one more year of contract and a termination clause of one and a half million euros. let him enjoy a time of the good season that Getafe has signed.

"Now I will not talk about that topic. We're going to enjoy. We can not talk beyond today. We are in the situation of many players. This is football and I have a contract. I'm going to talk about the team's season and enjoy the great season. Enjoy even a few days. Right now we are going to enjoy the year that the team has made and please let me enjoy that and not ask further. We know that when this is over we have to think about the future. Let us disconnect a few days and enjoy the fans ".

Also remembered that what Getafe has achieved is not available to" anyone "and said that many teams, with budgets three times higher, have finished below their team in the classification.

"Being a very small team, being so many weeks in European positions is extraordinary. The season has been incredible. We have to enjoy, we have worked very hard. We are lucky to have a staff that has a very high commitment. We can give the best or the worst, but always giving the face. Este in Europe is the prize for work ", declared.

Asimismo, unveiled what he thought when he was left alone on the lawn after the celebration after the game against Villarreal:" In my family, in my parents who would be very satisfied to see your child that things are going well, that we are having a great season. In those moments you remember the people you love and the ones you do not have. A mixture of satisfaction and pity for people who are not ", commented.

Asked if he suffered" a downturn "for not qualifying for the Champions League after being in fourth place for many days, he answered clearly in a negative way.

"No. We have been on top of teams that had that goal at the beginning of the championship. We sign this season, it's fantastic. I'm not left with a bad taste in my mouth. Neither I nor the players. The fans have been able to thank our work. I thank you. And my president, and my players, who have had a commitment ten and a human level ten, "he said.

" The technicians enjoy little and we grow old a lot. It is a high level of stress and demand. We were also far in the Copa del Rey. There is little time to savor. There have been more joys than disappointments. But we have enjoyed after every game we have done well. "-EFE

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