The fans of the Lakers are going to demonstrate to protest the progress of the franchise

The proposal arose through the Reddit website and the concentration is scheduled for today, at 9:00 pm Spanish time in front of the Staples Center.

The mood in everything that surrounds the Los Angeles Lakers is increasingly heated. Tyron Lue will not finally be the coach of the team when it seemed that everything was done. It was not a name that excited too much to the fans, but the way in which events have rushed back to bring to light the boredom with which the fans of the California franchise live the evolution of things.

La última sample of it is a demonstration that has been called for today at the Staples Center. It was through Reddit, where a user summoned all the tired fans with the management of the directive to go to the vicinity of the pavilion so that their complaints are heard. In the absence of knowing the follow-up that will be the meeting, this is the message where the reasons and intentions of the concentration are explained:

"Due to the recent news that has come to light in relation to the form and circumstances in which The negotiations for the hiring of Tyronn Lue took place, I announce this statement: make a protest in response to the decisions of Ms. Jeanie Buss, which are damaging the general ability of the Lakers organization to operate as a successful franchise I find disturbing the great influence that Kurt and Linda Rambis have on the organization.This form of management based on nepotism and personal friendships, instead of valuable experience, is alarming. So much so, that we, a section of Lakers fans, we believe that this method of doing business is very negative for the organization.

The protest will be held in the vicinity of the Staples Center, at the intersection of Figueroa St. and 11th St., on Friday, May 10 at 12:00 PM. This event is not representative of the entire fan base, but of those who are frustrated with the inept decision-making of the leadership of this organization and the path they are taking. We support the organization of the Lakers, but we do not approve its current management.

This event is not focused on the non-hiring of Tyronn Lue or in favor of the signing of Jason Kidd, but on the decisions that have led us to this position and that are responsibility of Jeanie Buss. We do not have any personal problems with Jeanie Buss, Kurt Rambis or Linda Rambis, but we oppose their decision making.

Any act of public disturbances, blasphemy, violence, threats and disruption of peace are not allowed. This event is simply a tool for our concerns to be heard. "

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