The ECA, back to the load

The presidents of the main nucleus of the Superliga meet today in Switzerland. The four major leagues of Europe have faced each other.

EI hard core of the European Club Association (ECA) has been cited in Suiza of tapadillo to give another twist to the Superliga project under the protective mantle of UEFA. At the Nyon conclave today will attend Real Madrid, represented by its vice president, Pedro López Jiménez, and Barcelona, by Josep María Bartomeu. Ni rastro of the rest of the teams of LaLiga members of the ECA: Athletic, Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal, Real Sociedad and Málaga.

On the table of this group of eliteclubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG, City, Liverpool and Milan, listed as founders, as well as Atlético, Dortmund, Marseille, Inter and Roma, who are as guests) is the strategy for consolidar the new competition, with promotions and descents and with four groups of eight teams and eliminatory from round of 16 in its main division, with the suspicion that some of these meetings could play weekend, something that the UEFA denies of plane but that they take in the Associación European de Ligas (EFPL). "We are concerned about the concept defended by the ECA, because if the competition has more games more dates will be needed, the weekends have always been of the domestic competitions, and this should continue to be," warned the president of the EFPL, the Swedish Olsson, which has Javier Tebas (LaLiga) as its main ally although it also has support for the Premiership, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A and Bundesliga that have shown their frontal prefix to the plan drawn by the clubs that handle the ECA, a cogollito of elect who aspire to keep the lion's share of television rights. "It's indispensable that leagues and clubs, big and small, participate and do not let anyone make decisions for them," Olsson said in his recent visit to Madrid.

Ceferin, the president of UEFA, tries to temper bagpipes and denies the biggest. In a interview to the New York Times said that " has never contemplated pass the Champions at weekends," but some documents leaked by Football leaks belie him. In the EFPL believe that Ceferin is delivered to the ECA of Agnelli. The Italian is determined to take the plan forward, and has the unconditional apoyo hard core of those 16 teams (which could be expanded to 24) that would have a life time in the Champions and that would not be subject to the censions and descents nor to the difficulties of classification that would have all the others, organized in other two European divisions: the Europa League 1 and the Europa League 2. Suffice it to say that the European leagues would only be entitled to four seats in the new competition.

Against this panorama, the EFPL has done causa common. France and Italy have already warned that they could leave without license to clubs that agree to play the new Superliga. Spain and Germany can follow your example soon. The argument is that the clubs with the right to vote in the Superchampions, the lifes , enrich more each year to be irrigated with millionaire television rights, and that would cause unfair competition in the national leagues. But in addition, it would change the key concept of the Champions: achieve the classification through the sport merits in the national leagues.

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