The 'Vitolo doctrine' forces Atlético to pay Real

The signing of the Canary by Atlético set the precedent that in the exits for payment of the clause are considered the same as the transfers negotiated

Antoine Griezmann will leave Atlético de Madrid upon payment of his rescission clause of 120 million and the colchonero club will have to allocate 20%, 24 million, to pay the percentage that corresponds to the Real Sociedad. But could Atlético refuse to pay that amount?

When Atlético signed Griezmann, Real saved 20% of a future sale. However, the departure of the French is not a negotiated transfer, but a unilateral termination of his contract, so that the Athletic could hold on to this loophole if it were not because a club already tried and failed in a negotiation in which they were more than implicated the rojiblancos.

In the summer of 2018, Seville was taken by the demons for the trick of Vitolo to go to Atletico Madrid after a six-month assignment to Las Palmas, an accomplice of the colchoneros in the negotiation. To make matters worse, when Vitolo came to Sevilla from Las Palmas, the Canary Islands saved 12.5% of the surplus value of a future sale in case Sevilla made cash with Vitolo. As the Canary paid his 40 million clause, Sevilla not only saw one of its stars go to Atletico after passing through Las Palmas, but to top it had to pay about 4 million euros to the Canaries.

In Nervión took the case to the last legal instance, arguing that in a unilateral payment of a termination clause the obligations agreed upon in the case of a future transfer should not be met. On May 7, 2018, the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) condemned Sevilla to pay the percentage corresponding to Las Palmas. However, in Nervión it was considered that the karma was primed with the canaries, since Vitolo failed in his cession to the team in which he grew up, which ended up descending. Now, in the offices of Sánchez Pizjuán, half a smile is once again on the way to see how Griezmann leaves Atlético de Madrid and how the colchoneros can not refuse to pay Real Sociedad, since they were protagonists of the precedent that obliges them to do so.

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