The controversial maneuver for which Viviani was disqualified

The Italian won the sprint in the third stage, but was disqualified by an irregular movement that hurt Moschetti. Victory for Gaviria.

Elia Viviani already savored, and celebrated, her sixth stage in the Giro d'Italia. A good job by Deceunincik left her in a great position to take the win after she narrowly escaped in the second stage (she was second) in favor of Ackermann. He raised his arms and celebrated the success of Orbetello's goal in front of a Gaviria who congratulated. However, a few meters before, Viviani made a change of trajectory that damaged his Italian compatriot Moschetti.

Ese change to the right of the Italian champion hurt the Trek runner. Also to Demare, who had to open more towards the advertising area. Finally, the judges removed the victory to Viviani in favor of Fernando Gaviria, who thus achieves his fifth victory in the pink corsa, the same as Viviani. This Tuesday they will have an opportunity to break the tie.

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