The complex medical team of PSG, increasingly questioned

Three doctors in the training center, a hospital in Doha, a considerable board of experts, injuries at key moments and the different treatment of players open the debate.

Supported by a high-level medical team in various specialties, the season of Paris Saint Germain has been marked by prolonged injuries of important players absent at decisive moments. The casualties of Neymar and Cavani when the team most needed them are a clear testimony.

With kinesiologists, doctors, orthopedists, performance specialists, experts and external consultants, the club's care department shows an organization chart with many people at their disposal and a endless capacities meeting to give the best conditions of development to the template, but does not reflect its effectiveness given the large number of players affected.

Only in the Camp des Loges, place where the professional staff is trained, account with three different doctors . Likewise, Doctor Eric Rolland, a world-class orthopedist, has been questioned by the various coaches who have passed through the club. However, his authorized presence only in the tribune prevents him from acting during the local matches and his daily participation remains in the institution's base center.

A Due to the limits imposed on Rolland, Dr. Laurent Aumont assumed a role of greater importance, despite being a professional without a specific contractual link. To them, we must add to the Italian Cristiano Eirale, who spent 10 years at Inter Milan and was a consultant at the Aspetar clinic in Qarar. He was appointed medical coordinator and he has direct contact with the players during the matches.

It should be noted that the Sports Hospital in Doha plays a fundamental role within the PSG. Located 5,000 kilometers from Paris, dealt with the Verratti operations and Meunier and deals with the most sensitive cases. Here, Dr. Hakim Chalabi, who worked at the PSG during 2001 and 2007, is in charge of international affairs and responsible for some efforts with an increasing influence.

It is also in this same place where the most outstanding gather experts considered global eminences in the medical area. Neymar's injury is the best illustration, where meetings and telephone contacts were made and a team full of influence on other continents treated the foot of the player with an acceptable verdict. Likewise, it is said that within the balance of these summits, resolved that Verratti's complex pubalgia is something that has left some tasks to be solved.

This well-organized structure is carried out depending on the influence of the players. An example is Neymar's ailment a year ago, whose operation was directed by doctors of the Brazilian team. Among the details, it has been concluded that players prefer to be treated by the same kinesiologist who deals with their cases and not spontaneous income.

Methods opposed to Spain and Germany

The responsibility of the medical department is assumed only when the footballers suffer injuries and who directs the processes is the coach. The members of the physical and care staff are those who offer the information and the technical body is the one who announces the workloads. In this sector, the physical trainer Charles Schrey, with the reputation of rigor and athletic demands, remains as the more reliable reference.

In this domain, it is said that there are specialists who make the difference between the procedures used in Spain and Germany in terms of athletic preparation and indicate that the Germans are based on the efforts, and not on the collectives and the ball like the Spaniards. In that sense, slides that Tuchel assumed his guilt over the relapse of Cavani and is now much more prudent in order to precipitate the return of some elements before the final of the Cup of France.

It is also reported that the role of the Performance department is having a significant role in the prevention of injuries. They are specifically responsible for the nutrition and database treatment in the physical aspect based on the GPS Tracking, used by Ancelotti, followed by Blanc, but less used by Tuchel and Emery, who assign that work to their trusted men.

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