The challenge of McLaren: improve everything to win a second

Carlos Sainz says that the Woking engineers are aware that they must develop each part of the MCL34 if they want to match Mercedes and Ferrari.

Ferrari and Mercedes. Fight for the victories and podiums. This is the final goal that McLaren wants to achieve in the Formula 1 World Championship. An arduous goal, if we take as a reference the results of the British team since 2015, whose first foundations are being established this season.

Porque after changing 180º the aerodynamic concept of the car this winter, only the fatality has prevented the MCL34 from becoming the fourth fastest car on the grid until the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2019.

A notable advance, compared to the performance exhibited by his brother predecessor in the second half of 2018, that will continue in the Spanish Grand Prix 2019. The Circuit Barcelona Catalunya is the route chosen by Woking engineers to incorporate the first major improvement of the year in Carlos Sainz's car and Lando Norris.

Questioned for this development, Sai nz assured after the Baku test that technicians in southeast Britain are aware that they must perfect each area of the car if they want to match the speed of the W10 and SF90: "We still have to improve because we see where Mercedes and Ferrari are, then you look at the telemetry and see that you need to improve every part of the car. If we compare ourselves against the average zone, then we only need to improve a little to be ahead, but we do not compare ourselves against them. We compare with a car that is now a second faster than us and that is the goal, to improve everything ".

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