The Bucks burn the Raptors: 2-0 and very favorable eliminator

The Raptors accused the fatigue and to be winners of the first encounter and fell clearly in the second. 30 + 17 + 5 from Anteto.

The Raptors accused both physically and mentally the effort of the first game, in which they brushed with the yolk of their fingers a victory that would have put them in a frank position, and they fell clearly in the second of these Eastern Conference finals against the Bucks for 125-103. They did not have any option in this second pass and they leave Milwaukee with a 2-0 that forces them to match what their rival has done to return in a fifth match and try to steal the factor-field.

The team of Nick Nurse left overcome the costumes. The intensity decreased and neither has to fall so much guilt on them, to tell the truth: the legs weigh and the Bucks have had a week more of descent than they, who have not had a day or will have it. At some point it had to be noticed. It was no longer the turn of Brook Lopez, who disappeared today, but of Mirotic or Ilyasova. Milwaukee won the rebound very easily, something that under normal conditions (with the double Marc / Ibaka plus Siakam and Leonard) should not happen to them.

Schemes, rules and theorems were repeated, but all cleared with the Bucks as a solution: Powell He again contributed points from the bench, but he was very lonely again. In the Bucks failed Lopez but put the batteries mentioned and even George Hill, which apart from putting baskets made it difficult for the existence of a Lowry that came out in the meeting on Wednesday. And Antetokounmpo, who went up to 30 points, 17 rebounds and 5 assists (something that only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and him have done) with amazing ease (as usual) .

The Raptors signed their second worst first quarter of the course. It is bombastic to read and makes it resonate in the heads of the players of the team. Marc Gasol was not well, Pascal Siakam was not involved as he should and Kyle Lowry was not half successful compared to the first match. It has already been said in these 'playoffs' that Kawhi Leonard is a bit alone in charge of this team and this time the bad has been reproduced: 31 points with only eight shots failures, another very good match of yours that served absolutely nothing . That first quarter was a true reflection of what would happen throughout the game. After the break the Bucks touched the 30 advantage. The face-to-face was non-existent because the locals were at another level.

Milwaukee beat Toronto in the one-on-one but also when he used the help, something that does not speak very well of the Canadians. The local team was very loose, remembering the one who won the regular phase and who already gave a warning to the Warriors at the time. Much has to rest and rethink Toronto if you want to enter the tie again.

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