The Blazers reward Terry Stotts and extend their contract

According to Shams Charania, the franchise has reached an agreement with the technician to renew; The Blazers reached the Western finals for the first time since 2000.

Portland has extended the contract of his coach, Terry Stotts, for the next few years. According to Shams Charania, of The Athletic, the technician would have reached an agreement with the Oregon franchise to continue linked to the team several years more and although the terms of the renewal are still unknown, everything indicates that the project continues with the same protagonists.

The news is a reward for the coach, who has set his best season since he came to the Blazers. Stotts has a great career in the American League, and was assistant coach of George Karl in Seattle, repeated with the same coach in Milwaukee, and was also assistant in the Warriors, Hawks and Mavericks, where he won the ring in 2011 with Rick Carlisle of coach and Dwayne Casey of defensive assistant. Although he took brief steps for the Hawks and the Bucks as head coach, it was not until his arrival in Portland in 2012 when he took on a real project.

Since then, six appearances in the playoffs in seven years, three seasons over 50 wins, first appearance in the semifinals of the Western Conference since 2000 (in 2014 with Lillard's winning shot to beat the Rockets) and first appearance in the Western finals also since that year, which marked a before and after in recent history of the franchise. After the first two years playing the qualifying rounds, the coach led a magnificent reconstruction that began in the summer of 2015 with the departure of four starters: LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews and Robin Lopez. Only Damian Lillard went on ... and took each and every one of the stripes. From the second lieutenant to the captain general, and the bet did not turn out badly.

The technician, who was in the eye of the hurricane last year after they eliminated the Pelicans 4-0 in the first round and that was questioned by his capacity in playoffs, he has compensated this year in the final phase. 4-1 to the Thunder in a series that promised a lot and gave little thanks to a new winning shot by Lillard, and 4-3 against the Nuggets winning the seventh away from home. And all without Nurkic, injured in the last bars of the regular season. It was a small redemption for the team before being overwhelmed in the conference finals with much fatigue of the previous round and with Lillard played.

In this way the project goes ahead and the coach has the backing of the board. The franchise, which will continue to have Lillard as a franchise player and McCollum as luxury lieutenant (players who have reached their maximum development with Stotts on the bench), will continue with a reconstruction that begins to bear fruit despite the limitation of their movements in the market.

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