The big winners and losers of the draft lottery

The draw has brought many surprises and has changed the relationship of forces of the teams for the next June 20, day of the draft.

WINNERS New Orleans Pelicans

They are the obvious winners of the night. With 6% of options to take the number 1, take Zion Williamson now only depends on them when they would have needed to negotiate with a third party before. The question now is whether they will use that bullet to build a new project on the former Duke University or they will try to change it for a star to convince Davis not to leave. Although the power forward again made clear after the draw that his intention is still to leave. In any case and whatever happens with Anthony Davis, the Pelicans are in an unbeatable situation.

Los Angeles Lakers

Starting from 11th place, his final 4 is one of the biggest increases in the history of the draft. A weapon that certainly did not count at this point in the offices of the Lakers. We will see if it serves as a last impulse to convince the Pelicans to make the transfer by Davis. If not, they could use it to negotiate with another franchise and another star (Wizards and Beal?). And ultimately they can stay with that choice and add another young talent to their already extensive list. Taking into account that they still maintain the salary space to sign a star in free agency, that number four can not but add up whatever the final decision of the franchise.

Anthony Davis

Ya has been made public that wants to leave, just like What happened before we learned that New Orleans won the draft 1. So the arrival of Zion benefits him, since for the franchise it will be easier to let him go, bearing in mind that they will have a clear reference on which to build their future. Another thing is that you can go to the Lakers, but even in this Davis has been lucky, since the Angelenos count now and by surprise with the number 4 of the draft to negotiate.

Memphis Grizzlies

El other great high of the lottery. The Girzzlies had a 19% chance of finishing in the top-3 and took the number 2. Before the draw it was already pointed out that they would be very interested in Murray St. base, Ja Morant, but they were aware of the inability to stay with him, since all the projections put the player as second choice behind Zion Williamson. Fate has wanted the Memphis to pick their pick right there, so white and in bottle.

Mike Conley

The arrival of a top base from the draft will almost necessarily have to be accompanied by the departure of Conley. A move that would bring more pieces to the Grizzlies to aid in their rebuilding and that could put the player in a position to fight back for the ring. Because with the salary that only one aspiring to great things has, he will want to take charge of it, sacrificing salary space in exchange for someone with great experience and talent that would give an undoubted plus to any staff. Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers are already being talked about as possible destinations. Both teams tried to a greater or lesser extent a transfer by Conley in February.

LOSERS New York Knicks

The loser with capital letters at night. They have taken the 3, with which they can draftear to RJ Barret for example. A great player project, but that is not Zion. And without the number 1 the option to convince the Pelicans to take Anthony Davis seems to vanish. With that pick 3 may be able to tempt another franchise in search of a star not so bright, as the Cavs and Kevin Love, to join with the other two free agents who want to sign. But there will be no Davis and there will be no Zion. And that's where they had all their hopes. And more after they saw how the Suns (pick 6) and the Cavs (pick 5), their two big rivals in the fight for the number 1, were out of the fight at the first exchange.

Dallas Mavericks

Tenían a 26.6% of options to maintain their draft choice, which if it were produced would have been top-4. But by failing to cash in and finish in tenth place his pick flies to Atlanta as part of the Doncic-Young pass of the last draft. A player between 1 and 4 does not hurt anyone and the Mavs could have used it as a bargaining chip in their search for stars or to put him next to Doncic in what would have become a successful couple for years to come. those of Dallas. Neither one thing nor the other for the Texans.

Boston Celtics

In a lottery with a lot of movement and in which the Celtics had many balls in play, they have stayed where they were before they started (pick 14 via Sacramento), that with the Lakers' high has been like lowering positions. Because in their fight to get hold of Anthony Davis, before the raffle they seemed to have the best batch to offer the Pelicans in return, but with the Lakers' pick 4 the thing is not so clear. So to the more than likely march of Kyrie Irving (taas things are maybe for good) may be the non-arrival of Davis. A rather bleak short-term future for a franchise that promised very happy after the February deadline trade.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns

Both had the maximum chance of winning the first election (14%) and being top-3 ( 40%). In the end they finished in positions 5 and 6, respectively. A whole year of crossing the desert is not done to end those elections, regardless of the outcome given by the chosen players. Now they will have to think carefully about what they do. Probably two good players, but nothing like Zion Williamson, which is what they have been losing all year. We will have to wait some more season to see if the new deal in the draft lottery really eliminates the supposed advantage of being lost during the whole course. If what happened tonight becomes a trend we may see fewer and fewer seasons like the Cavs and the Suns (and the Knicks) .

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