The best end of career for Sainz: "The grandstand helped me"

The Spaniard went from the 11th to the eighth in the last laps going up behind the safety car: "We did not have a rhythm, it's one of those rare days of F1".

Carlos Sainz was 11th before the safety car left. He went to Albon for strategy and overtook Kvyat and Grosjean on the track, overtaking on the Montmelo straight, in a final of pure adrenaline and rage to cacaba eighth and add four points. At the end of the race his parents, his sisters, his girlfriend and his godfather Juanjo waited for him, the first to greet him with a huge flag.

-Great final, how did you see it?

- One of those rare days in which you go the whole race fighting against Ricciardo for being 11th, suffering with the balance of the car, and suddenly you know a 'safety car', three opportunities arise and all three have taken advantage of them. We had to fight to get a result and we got it.

-Investigate your touch with Grosjean, are you worried about the penalty?

-No, if Verstappen did not receive a penalty in Bahrain I think I have it. Grosjean does not see me, he was in parallel, and I was doing the normal curve, I had not stopped braking. Racing stuff, in Bahrain I got punched and nothing happened here.

-Is it your best career finish?

-Yes, surely, mainly because I did not have a rhythm. We had good top speed, that has helped, but a boring race and suffered those three opportunities.

-And how does the adrenaline when you get off the car after such intense laps, on top of your grandstand?

-La adrenaline very high, no doubt, even in the last lap Kvyat was much faster than me and I finished seven tenths ahead. Very happy.

-Are you returning what you lost due to bad luck at the beginning of the year?

-We won it here, it was not luckily. Maybe there are other situations where luck gives us something back. But yes, they are two consecutive races in the points and also five consecutive scoring here. They are good statistics and with a strange rhythm, because on Friday we did have rhythm. You have to analyze what happened and I'm sure that in Monaco we recover.

-How did the mood feel? 4022222

-Pretty brutal, people have been on top of me, I've seen it and I've noticed it and I'm sure it's something It has helped because being eighth in another circuit and in other circumstances I do not think it would have been possible. They have been incredible and I have been a little more aggressive than normal because of the desire I had to give them this result.

-To do it again next year ...

-That is the goal number one.

-¿ And what do you think of the improvements? Have they lost positions?

-Toro Rosso, Haas and Renault had better pace here, but I did not have a good feeling with the car because it was not going well, it was not like Friday. You have to find the problem.

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