The bench changes the mood

The Madrid of Brahim and Valverde signed the best game after the return of Zidane. Double of Mariano. Vinicius returned. Villarreal failed back.

I saw the game, Zidane is no longer so pressured to close the year that Madrid burned at the stake. Hunger was on the bench: in Brahim, in Valverde, in Vallejo, in Mariano, the only one capable of scoring in the absence of Benzema and who went out to look for goals before looking for a destination. The worst part of the squad dealt by the three coaches offered the best tone of Madrid in this Zidane remake. The Villarreal was what his statistic says (he is the one that less disputes wins in the League): good taste and no hardness. An excellent Andrés Fernández reduced the beating.

The eleven of Zidane was exempt from luxury, but it fit almost all who really appreciate their employment. That teaching left the afternoon snack and walk in Vallecas. It is possible to think that although the hearing of the trial is indicated for June some have been condemned beforehand. Bale, the clearest. Zidane no longer finds sports, environmental or commercial reasons to put. His insistence on it was taken by the public as a provocation and the technician is not willing to finish the course as burned as the template. Modric is not known if it is purgatory or something more serious.

In any case, the alignment, general attitude and Villarreal, which is the feeling that a year has been living below their means, served a fun party , very active in the areas, very far from the drama, although in those follows the Submarine for its months of bad head.

Si Solari left for the future (now uncertain) to Reguilón and Llorente, in addition to Vinicius, Zidane has authored Valverde and Brahim. In the Uruguayan guess a box to box of great future. It has a good tactical, remove, muscle and long range sense. His party brings him closer to continuity. Brahim is his counterpoint, an illusionist to do, but also a bullfighter willing to not let one pass. He deserved to score. One and the other proved that they want to take advantage of these junk matches. Good news on the one hand and an alarm sign on the other: the current Madrid is in the hands of players in the age of turkey.

The match broke with carelessness and was equaled with another. Two veterans, Cazorla and Casemiro, they fell in the ambushes of Brahim and Álvaro, respectively, and Mariano and Gerard Moreno punished them with the impiety of the scorer.

The bombing of Andrés Fernández

But before, between both goals and later, Madrid and Villarreal looked straight at the game. More Madrid, who bombed Andres Fernandez before the break and ended up finding a prize in Vallejo's goal, who lives his best moment in Madrid but will not give him a chance to stay. The overdose of ownership has also sparked Marcelo and Mariano not He has allowed himself to be overcome by discouragement. He was willing to head up to the drones and scored two goals. Villarreal, to a lesser extent, also showed up, especially Gerard Moreno and Chukwueze, a permanent uproar.

Mariano's second goal, in a great maneuver by Valverde and Carvajal, took the intrigue out of the clash and prepared the ground for the return of Vinicius, the only player of the squad not used by Zidane. Entered by Brahim and there was a technical draw of applause in the relay. The Madrid is for the change.

La pity is that the Brazilian came with Madrid in retreat and with Villarreal in flood. The game was out of control, a fact that triggered the opportunities and gave Jaume Costa the chance to score. One had Vinicius himself, badly finished. He has gone many games for his lack of expertise in the finalization. There's a job Zidane.

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