The accounts for Zion to end up in the Lakers and the Sixers

The two historical franchises also have options to take the number one of the draft. They are few, but it is not impossible.

With Zion Williamson on the horizon all eyes in the lottery this morning will be set to see who gets the first choice. The most likely candidates are the New York Knicks, the Celveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns, who have a 14% chance. They are followed by the Chicago Bulls, with 12.5%, and the Atlanta Hawks, with 10.5% . In short, the worst teams of the season.

For that is precisely the draft, to try to reduce the distance between the strongest and the weakest in the league. But among the list of candidates for that number one stand out two franchises. And they do not do it because of their possibilities, which are scarce, but because of the name they have and the historical importance for the League. They are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Angelenos made a season of more to less, marked by injuries, the frustrated attempt to sign Anthony Davis and internal problems in the locker room. The rash march of Magic Johnson and the dismissal of Luke Walton were the epilogue to a year to forget. But good results in the first quarter prevented them from being higher in the draw this evening.

However, they still hope that it will touch that number one dreamed, perhaps the 1 most desirable since LeBron James. The options are scarce: 2%. They will need more luck than the last two summers, when they stayed at the doors with two numbers 2. They also have a 9.4% chance of having a top-4 choice. If they do not get any of those positions they will choose in theirs, the number 11.

Philadelphia 76ers

In the fight for 1 the case of the Sixers is undoubtedly the most striking. We are talking about a Conference semifinalist, who has been about to get into the Eastern end, could take the best player project in years. They would join the Process of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons (and we'll see who else follows) to Zion Williamson. How can it be?

The thing comes from a transfer between the Sacramento Kings and the Philadelphia 76ers in 2015, when the first sent Nick Stauskas to Philadelphia to earn salary space. Several rounds of draft went with him, including this one. This round was later transferred by the Sixers to the Celtics in the 2017 draft, when they changed their 3 for the 1 of the Boston to secure Markelle Fultz.

But the Sixers put a condition. If that round ended up as top-1 it would be yours. So the key for them is that the Kings' ball gives them that first position tonight. As those of Sacramento were the team with the best record in entering the lottery, the options that finish in the first position are 1% . We would surely be talking about the biggest stroke of luck in draft history. The other options benefit the Celtics, either top-4 (the only positions that are raffled) or the 14th, since they occupy the Kings in the lottery.

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