The 1x1 of Sergio's second miracle and his squad

El Pucela will play one more season in Primera, being the only one promoted last season that does not fall. The team made the squad much stronger.

It has been a long and hard season in which Real Valladolid not only had to fight against being the team with the lowest budget, by far, but also against circumstances such as that a large part of its squad debuted in the First Division , decisions more than debatable VAR and collegiate, little luck in some meetings, and loss of points for lapses or lack of experience in the category.

While the role of the group is remarkable, it is only fair to highlight the role of the coach, Sergio González, along with his technical staff, which has been able to extract an excellent performance from a template inherited from Segunda, make it grow and mature, and get it to compete as if it were a First Division team to achieve the success of permanence, the miracle of not falling, being the only team of those who rose last season who does not return to the silver division. Although all the players have gone through different times, the performance has been good. Amen also valued Ivi, who played, Cotán, Guitián, who went out in the winter market, Luismi who spent the season in white due to an injury, and the homegrown Salisu, Samuel and Apa, who failed to debut in Liga.


MASIP: Good season of the Catalan goalkeeper, in general lines, savior under sticks, in spite of being insecure in the exits. SALVADOR

YOEL: He has conceded six goals in three games, when he had the opportunity he had two major caliber failures against Alavés. DESFORTUNADO

ANTOÑITO: Good season of the Andalusian who was correct in defensive tasks and in attack offered alternatives. He scored two goals. SOLVENTE

MOYANO: Alternató good matches, with others where you saw the seams, especially in speed. The captain and costume leader. LÍDER

JOAQUÍN: Most more opportunities, but his adaptation to Primera is good. He played well of central and very well of mediocentro. ADAPTADO

OLIVAS: The Andalusian center was one of the best in the team, serious and sure, sometimes, he had plenty of dribbling and lacked some forcefulness. SEGURO

CALERO: El boecillano has matured a lot, alternate great performances, with some error of lack of forcefulness. Great future BRILLANTE

MOI: The side could barely play in three games. He was bad against Levante, very good against Sevilla and normal against Valencia. CUMPLIDOR

NACHO: The left-back was a defender and in attack he was very good. He scored a great goal against Levante from outside the area. ROMPEDOR

EL MAKE: The Mauritanian played three minutes against Girona and fulfilled. His role in B suggests that he will contribute a lot in 2019-20. FUTURO

BORJA: With a more important role in the dressing room than in the field, the veteran player was discreet in the minutes he played. EXPERTO

VERDE: Player who excited the fans with his shots, seemed obsessed with scoring. He made two goals in the League and four in the Cup. ESPEJISMO

ANUAR: The canterano showed that he can play in the First Division, he breaks good lines and his great work was truncated by the injury. CONSOLIDADO

ALCARAZ: Impressionante season of the mediocentro that was of the players of the League that more balls stole and that more faults received. EL BEST

MÍCHEL: Irregular season of the midfielder. When it is good it is indispensable, when it is not it it did not have a natural substitute. SIN RECAMBIO

TONI: The canterano started the season well, scored goals and gave assists, but was injured at the Camp Nou and had trouble entering. DESEQUILIBRANTE

PLANO: The season started well, but afterwards he went down, made two unnecessary penalties and played more than he deserved. More is expected of him. IRREGULAR

WALDO: The authentic revelation, arrived to supply Hervías and surprised by its verticality and impudence. He scored against Athletic. SORPRESA

HERVÍAS: Only he was able to play three games and half gas for the discomfort in his knee that took him to the operating room. It will be bought. SIN TIME

KEKO: It was expected more from Madrid. Its ability to be in the right place is indirectly proportional to its success. DECECIÓN

MIGUEL: More than the 13 minutes he has played in the league, his work in the branch invites Sergio to take him into account in 2019-20. FUTURO

PLAZA: It was injured very quickly and could barely play. It will be necessary to see if it does not weigh the vitola of being the first signing of Ronaldo. INCÓGNITA

COP: Mala season of the Croatian player who has failed to score and whose work has not shown at any time. FLOJO

UNAL: Sus bad encounters in the beginning contrast with his brilliant season finale. He improved a lot with Guardiola next. TALENTO PURO

GUARDIOLA: The winter signing put the quality in attack, freed Unal, caused many penalties and scored the final goal in Vallecas. CLAVE

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