The 1x1 of the Real: the fortune and Rulli give the victory in Vitoria

The Argentinean goal saved the Donostiarras with crucial saves and Manu García scored his own goal in the own goal.

-Rulli: Insurance under the sticks, dominating the air game with more solvency than in other games. In the second half saved the Real and was vital to achieve victory with very meritorious stops, some point-blank. Very good match.

-Zaldua: Again he had to dance with the deepest player of the rival, a Jony who did not stop insisting and looking for him. The Donostiarra solved with forcefulness and anticipation the danger that arrived by his band, and also could contribute in attack, especially in a play in which they could have done a penalty. After the break he was more liberated without Jony in his band, but he had a bad time with Wakaso.

-Aritz Elustondo: He was doing a good game, very serious as always, until his knee hit Wakaso's and he could not continue . He must have risked less in some ball game. He limped back and very painful. Another injury Hopefully this is not serious.

-Hector Moreno: Second game as a starter and second notable performance of the Mexican, who became the head of defense of the Royal Society. Very solid throughout the game, with few black spots. In this Real so young has all the place in the world.

-Aihen Muñoz: He had a hard time with Jony in the second part, which was eternal; but until the break he barely had a hard time. The departure of Kevin relieved him and he did well with his work.

-Merino: He is a player with a huge poise in the midfield. Playing '4' again fulfilled more than enough, giving constant support and without losing the site at any time. The departure of Zubeldia returned him to his natural site, where he continued to do vital work for the team. The normal thing is that it goes to more, it deludes everything what it can offer the next season.

-Sangalli: It had to be changed in the rest by muscular problems. In the first part he contributed his usual energy in the pressure, giving coverage and helps his teammates. You must take a step forward with the ball. In the realistic goal he was the one who stole the ball, drove it and opened the band to Willian José.

-Ruben Pardo: A lot of effort without the ball, helping in the pressure and in the steal of the ball, and doing tireless work in the medullary. He has taken a step in that facet and it shows. With the ball was not so bright, but took several well-played side fouls that found no auctioneer. His teammates did not take advantage of his long passes at the end to mount quite clear counterattacks that would have avoided the final troubles. He could mark with a shot from the front.

-Oyarzabal: He is always there, and he never hides, but in Vitoria he is expected without luck. Little refined in the last pass to finish the counterattack of the final.

-Barrenetxea: He was invoiced the effort of two consecutive games as a starter in First Division. He is only 17 years old and had to retire injured, with the two cramped twins. This time he had few opportunities to shine with the ball, but he worked hard and did not stop trying.

-Willian José: Protagonist of the goal of the realistic victory to be the one who shot at the door in the ball that deflects to his goal Manu García . He could do the second with a strong shot from the front, but Pacheco was right. He was wrong in the last counterattack with bad passes or wrong decisions.

-Zubeldia: He returned after his injury to cover gaps. First in his position and then as central. He fulfilled as usual.

-Kevin Rodrigues: He returned to play after a long period of inactivity. He did it as an interior to help Aihen Muñoz. Your contribution decisive result to stop Jony. He put a good center at the first touch at the far post that is almost 0-2.

-Juanmi: He was close to the goal as always playing. But he was not successful. He missed auction and better decisions.

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