Tebas, to Mioduski: "Unaware of the functioning of the football and TV rights industry"

The president of LaLiga responds to the letter that the vice-president of the ECA and president of the Legia of Warsaw sent to the clubs last Monday.

LaLiga's president, Javier Tebas, has replied to the letter he wrote to the clubs last Monday, ECA vice-president and president of the Legia of Warsaw, Dariusz Mioduski, , in which he made harsh criticism of the Spanish leader.

Mioduski He said: "Last week I was in Madrid at a meeting of club and league representatives to discuss the future of European football, including ideas that could reform the UEFA club competitions being discussed by UEFA and ECA. It would be an open and very important debate Unfortunately, everything ended up being a "spectacle", more populist than informative, mainly because of Mr. Tebas, president of LaLiga.As a vice president of the ECA and president of the Legia, I feel obliged to oppose the theses and ideas presented by Mr. Tebas, a very talented and intelligent person. In the growing and polarized world of football European, is presented as a champion of the poor, the voiceless and the marginalized. He says he wants to promote and protect the interests of those who would be adversely affected by this reform, especially those of medium and small size without representation at European level. But is that true? What it really seeks is to protect and promote the interests of the authentic oligarchs of a system that is increasingly unjust and unequal. The Theban proposals would only exacerbate the problem. "

The entire charter of Thebes is this:

" I have read very carefully the open letter that you have written to European clubs and leagues, which contains deep errors that are probably caused by the ignorance that has of the operation of the football industry and not by its "bad faith" .

Before entering the subject I would like to clarify a concept: in his letter tries to slip the idea that I represent the powerful against the humble , when the reality exactly the opposite. As you know, I have been football leader for more than 30 years (I think you have been only five years), of which more than 12 have been as leaders of a very small club (the equivalent of fourth division) and owner of another second division. In addition, I have worked for 15 years as a representative of small and medium-sized Spanish professional football clubs on issues related to audiovisual rights. Therefore, it is easily noticeable that I do not come from the elite, while you always started in the elite of football, since we should not forget that the Legia of Warsaw is in Poland what Real Madrid or FC Barcelona in Spain. This situation causes the confusing of the interests of the Legia of Warsaw with the interests of the small leagues, in this case with those of the Polish league.

The reforms sponsored by UEFA / ECA can, in my opinion, "benefit" to the great clubs of each country, but in no case, I insist, in any case, to the competitions and to the medium and small clubs of the same ones. It is true that the Legia of Warsaw is a medium-sized club in Europe, but in Poland it is a big team, and the rest of the Polish clubs and of medium and small leagues should know that this reform that UEFA / ECA is proposing benefits the big clubs of each country, but it hurts the national leagues enormously, regardless of their size.

For years, both in the Board of European Leagues and in their assemblies, I have been defending what you should be defending:

- Greater access to European competitions for teams of small and medium leagues

- The existence of an excess of equipment coming from the big leagues in most European competitions

- A greater redistribution of income generated by European competitions. That is, more income for medium and small leagues and medium and small clubs

- A necessary agreement (not consulted) between UEFA and the national leagues, with the aim of rearranging the football industry in Europe, both sports aspects as economic

My position is public and notorious, so there should be no doubt about my positioning. However, we started badly if an association with 109 clubs with voting rights (in a rather "special"), fully controlled by A Board dominated by the great European clubs, wants to be erected as the only interlocutor. The ECA is not the right vehicle to reorder the football industry in Europe, nor do I believe that the problem of this industry resides mainly in the formats of competitions. The problem lies in the fact that there are big clubs, that in a forced and artificial way, they want to modify what tradition has been and isncia of the European football industry.

In short, and to avoid confusion, what we propose is: more access of small leagues to the Champions League (the highest competition), based on the sporting merits and excellence harvested in the national leagues; greater redistribution to small and medium leagues; and also a greater distribution among all the clubs that compose them.

Also, I am sorry to inform you that his words reveal a deep ignorance of the effects and functioning of the TV rights of the major leagues in Europe. The true competitor of your national league is UEFA through its competitions.

Finally, let me insist on what I have expressed in numerous forums and interviews: we are absolutely willing to sit down, talk, analyze the real situation and, if that were the case, to propose solutions. But we should never make decisions based on assumptions or imaginations, which is what emerges from your letter. All this process needs more dialogue, more professionalism and agreements, not false consultations, which are the excuse used to say that all those affected have been talked about, but in reality they are decisions made by a few. "

The European Leagues reiterate his opposition to the ECA project to reform the competitions

The Board of Directors of the European Football Leagues, meeting this Thursday in Warsaw (Poland), has reiterated his opposition to the European Club Association (ECA) project to reform the Continental competitions and again urged UEFA to start "from scratch" to build those changes.

"After the club advisory meeting held last week in Madrid, with more than 240 European clubs, and the meeting between the UEFA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the European Leagues in Nyon, the European Leagues maintain the firm opinion of what The proposal presented to reform the competitions only benefits a few rich and dominant clubs, but it damages the leagues and the great majority of the clubs that play in national competitions, "indicated a press release.

" The European leagues are working on changes that contribute to the long-term sport and financial sustainability of European and national club competitions, "the statement added. "In this sense, the Leagues believe that it is imperative that UEFA begins to build the changes in the UEFA club competition project from scratch", was emphasized.

"Thus, UEFA must reach an agreement with the European Leagues and the other interested parties to safeguard the interests of all professional football clubs in Europe, "he added. "The European Leagues, together with the national associations, are responsible for the development of professional football in their own countries and must work together in this respect", concluded the note.

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