Tebas: "We should ask why we agree with so many places and not here"

The president of LaLiga appeared at a press conference at the presentation of a new soccer academy in China of LaLiga after not attending the CSD.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, spoke at the press conference following the presentation of the agreement between LaLiga and the company China Sports Futurity Investment for the creation of a new football academy in China and the Hope Cup, a tournament for cadets to be held this summer in the Asian giant. The highest leader was asked by the Coordination Agreement, that today, without his presence (Clemente Villaverde and Víctor Martín, vice presidents, representing LaLiga) were still being discussed at the CSD where María José Rienda, secretary of the meeting, met this morning State for Sport, and Luis Rubiales, president of the FEF, to seek a solution to an agreement that ends this June 30.

Communication with the Federation: "We have always been open, if I remember correctly, with Villar we have signed Four conventions, today we are meeting with the LaLiga team, one thing is that there is no agreement, but there is communication. "

Agreement with China and not with RFEF: " They are different things, I made a commitment to the Assembly in the I said not to talk about the issue until the mediation of the CSD ends, maybe we should ask on the other side why we agree with so many sites and not here ".

Rubiales' words and not touching the competitions:" I was not going to comment. It is a commitment to the Assembly of Clubs of LaLiga. "

Chinese players: " I hope Chinese players arrive from this academy to Spain. The arrival of Wu Lei has awakened much expectation for the arrival of new players from China. They want to play a great role in the World Cup but I told them that you have to be patient "

Causes of audience in China: " There is a fact that draws attention in China. The television audiences of Wu Lei's party give double the El Clasico. We want to be close to the Chinese world. "

Monday Party: " It is difficult for China to see it live. It is another schedule for Africa and Europe. It is usually seen in deferred in the morning on Tuesdays. "

Intenciones of parties in China: " It is necessary to value the confidence of the government of Kunming and there, to value the steps. We do not consider in the short term to play in China. We are running a marathon. Who knows China, the one that today the mayor of Kunming has trusted in LaLiga is an unprecedented success. China is far away, but it's a lot of China. "

Sevillian Dérbi in China: " No, it would be promotion. Great live broadcasts It would be a lot of fire. "

Project: " We will have to build the Sports City. The first stone will be put in summer. In 2021 we hope to inaugurate it and our coaches will be arriving. Our goal is the training of Chinese coaches ".

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