Tebas: "I'm not optimistic about the future of women's football"

The president of LaLiga criticized the Federation again: "Villar never missed the lane, he knew what his skills were and ours".

LaLiga President Javier Tebas insisted on his criticism of the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, in the light of the conflict between both institutions over the Coordination and Competence Agreement.

In the interview granted in GOLTV together with the directors of The four main sports newspapers (AS, Marca, Sport and Mundo Deportivo), Tebas indicated that "the problem is that the one who is going in the right lane is us, not the Federation." Ángel María Villar never thought to skip the lane Villar knew what his skills were and ours, and he never jumped the lane.The problem is that now they skip the lane ".

LaLiga contributes 60 million euros a to the RFEF, more than any other league. Europe: "Quantitatively and qualitatively we are the ones who contribute the most, the difference is that other fede Rations (German, Italian, English ...) manage their assets very well; in Villar's time it was not managed well. We have lost some precious years with the trophies won by the National Team, World Cup and European Championships, but the National Team continues to be a great asset and we must take advantage ... ".

Employment of money with finalist character (proposed by LaLiga) or for free employment : "There is a game (7 million), we do not know if it has reached amateur football. We want the money to have a finalist character, this money is for women's soccer, the Third ... "

Form format of the Cup, of the RFEF: " This format was, already existed and failed. It was a single party. It was the famous Mallorca-Recreativo final. I am neither for nor against, that has already failed. Maybe he should have squeezed intellectually a little more. In recent years there has been a great competition. It is a competition of the Federation, we can not enter ".

The Supercopa of Spain abroad: " If I went to a match I see no problem, I see it positive. We should see what we want to sell abroad. We do not sell Spanish football, you would look like a colonizer. A Super Cup with 4? And why not with 8 or 16. You are competing with the league itself. In the end, the money for the usual. He said, Real Madrid and Barcelona will have to pay more, they said by eye. Can not be. We have been fighting for a decree of the most egalitarian television rights and now we are again unbalancing the competition ".

Feminine Soccer: " I am worried because we have supported a federation of clubs, we have not intervened in women's football. It's from the Federation, we've always wanted to support, before the Federation did not worry about it. Little consideration is given to clubs, which are the soul of sports, if there are no women's football clubs there is no competition. I'm not optimistic about the future of women's football. The Cup was very well organized, but it is not reality, it is facing the gallery. The worrying thing is that there are 200 spectators in the League matches, when there are two thousand or three thousand will be a success, today it is not. "

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