Tebas does not go to the CSD to negotiate the agreement with Rubiales

Representing LaLiga were Clemente Villaverde and Victor Martín, vice-presidents. Rienda, Secretary of State for Sport, is a mediator.

The CSD has taken on the role of mediator for the third time at the ninth meeting between the FEF and LaLiga with a view to renewing a Coordination Agreement that expires on June 30. Although this time Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, did not attend his appointment with Rubiales to solve his dispute by thirteen competitions such as the naming of the competition, schedules, the brand of the ball ... Both were cited today to present your proposals and find a common point. On behalf of the employer's association were Clemente Villaverde, first vice president, and Víctor Martín, second vice president.

The secretary of state, María José Rienda, was present the second time she did so. In the previous one he did not go. The objective is to bring positions between FEF and LaLiga, whose tension has not decreased. In the last two weeks the Assemblies of both LaLiga and the Federation have been held. In the first, the proposals of the new Super Cup and Copa del Rey were rejected, which subsequently, on May 29, would be approved by a majority in the Assembly of the Federation.

Competencias of the FEF assigned to LaLiga and who wants to recover :

1. Content and forms of recruitment of players.

2. Processing, clearance and provisional registration of licenses.

3. Determination of license registration periods.

4. Alignments and relationships between clubs and their affiliates.

5. Determination of the conditions of the draw.

6. Uniformity of the equipment according to the international standard.

7. Authorizations for the perimeter of the pitch.

8. Requirements of the clubs to register and participate.

9. Conditions of the stadiums, security and controls.

10. Specify the schedules and their modifications.

3 33333311. Establish the maximum number of licenses.

12. Authorize the advertising of sportswear.

13. Establish the ball model according to the International Board.

Rubiales: "We have made a proposal more model and LaLiga more economical"

Reunión : "We have brought the drafts and exchanged them. Now it's time to study them and be able to speak with rigor. As it is fresh out of the oven we do not have many elements to talk about and see if we are far away or not. "

Thebes absence: " I do not read any of it that has not come. We talk to anyone who comes from LaLiga and we respect everyone who comes. We have nothing to talk about your agenda. All the meetings have had their good things. Talk, talk and meet the parties is always good. Obviously it is very soon, we can not say where we are. We are going to study the document they have given us and I hope they do the same. "

Borrador: " We have made a proposal that is more model than economic. The LaLiga goes more for the economic. We still can not talk about it until we analyze it. We have not wanted to look for trouble spots. On the philosophical level, everyone thinks one thing. We have sought to make an abstract writing so that no one feels hurt. We have to see if we can move forward. We have also presented more concrete proposals ".

Competencias: " An agreement passes not to clarify the competences. In that we are very far now. That would take us to go to the courts. That road is bad for football. We are going to take out the conflicts and what is not going to be brought together and that is why we have made an open wording. We are going to try to move forward. "

Next meeting: " We are afraid to agree. There were two possible dates and the CSD will call us to say when. "

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