"The Super League worries me, because LaLiga is in danger"

The president of LaLiga responded in GOLTV to the questions of the directors of the four most important sports newspapers in Spain.

Javier Tebas, president of the LiLiga has been today in GolTV's Golazo de la Mañana analyzing all the news of Spanish football and has spoken of its 'complicated' relationship with the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, and about the tense meetings that they are maintaining in the CSD to establish the Agreement of Coordination and Competences between both organisms.

In the interview, the directors of the four most important sports newspapers of Spain were present: the director of the Diario AS, Alfredo Relaño; the director of Marca, Juan Ignacio Gallardo; the deputy director of Mundo Deportivo, Miguel Rico; and the director of Sport, Ernest Folch.

Last day, almost everything decided: "Yesterday was an intense day, with 10 games at a time. Grief those who go down, but hey, before descending was an economic catastrophe, now it's just the sporting sadness and fast are already thinking about going up next year ".

Balance of the season: LaLiga has generated higher income: " In Global clubs are the ones that make the income, we set the highway. You always have to match it with the spending policy to be sustainable. We have overtaken the Bundesliga economically, which was the example years ago. Also above the Premier. There were only two clubs that grew commercially, now more clubs already work outside Spain, for example Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Betis ... and increase revenues. "

Aporte to the State: " More than 160 are generated thousand jobs, is a sector that generates a lot of wealth for this country. You have to respect what we do and be careful of what you want to teach abroad because you can do a lot of damage ".

The equipment debt has dropped from 670 million to 71: " There was a very important debt, today It is 70 million, you can not anticipate it if you had not already anticipated it. We knew how to do things, with economic control so that the clubs could do it. There have been exceptions, but the sanctioning regime has been applied: Elche or Reus. You can not miss it. "

La Superliga: " I'm worried, it's a project for 2024. They talk about a reform of the Champions League, but it's really a new competition. They change the DNA of the Champions, the leagues were the preliminary phase to qualify for the Champions League. It will not be like that, only four teams would access via their league throughout Europe. It establishes a series of clubs that will always be in those 32. I am a 7-8 in level of concern. "

¿La Liga is in danger? " Yes, no doubt, today the Italian press already speaks of some teams from their league could stop, the ECA is dominated by 10 clubs, including Barcelona and Real Madrid, the rest are carried away, UEFA can not do this (the SuperChampions), and we want to convince the institutions that this can not be We are working on this strategy, and politicians will have to enter into this matter ".

Explanation of why the League is in danger: " Change the audiovisual model in Europe with the new Champions. There will be less money to distribute among all the clubs and it will be shared among the 4 that go to the Champions League. In 4 or 5 years, inequality will be enormous. Type what happens with the Euroleague and the ACB. Among other things, it will lower the salary of the players, in general. "

Madrid and Barça, which is closer to the proposals of LaLiga ?: "There are clubs that hear more than others, Barca. With Madrid we have 15 disputes ... Barça is more willing, but we also have discrepancies. "

VAR balance: "I give a remarkable high, we are left with the good taste of the last day but we must improve certain aspects. I worry about the uneasiness of many presidents. Quico Catalán saves the season yesterday with the VAR, when he has been complaining all season. We have to correct that. The behavior of the VAR in the last days has been better. It's positive, but you have to improve. If we score with a 7 we have to work for that 30% to improve. "

Will there continue to be Mondays ?: " Yes, of course, the Royal Decree establishes that television rights have come out and will have The Federation has not said anything against until now, what happens is that it will be another format, it will not be open, there will not be a club that plays more than two Mondays and they will also play. great as it happens in other leagues ".

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