Summary of MotoGP race in Jerez: exhibition by Márquez

The ilerdense driver dominated the race from start to finish and took off the spine of Texas. Quartararo broke the engine when he was running second.

With the victory of Márquez we say goodbye for two weeks, when the fifth race of the 2019 MotoGP World Championship in Le Mans will be held. Thank you for continuing with us on Sunday in Jerez. See you soon!

Márquez returns to his world

The spine of Austin will only be released if the title reaches the end of the season, but his performance today brings him closer to that goal. Marc Márquez has returned to shine, has returned to exhibit and has returned to be his only rival on the asphalt. Second victory of the season for the ilerdense who, in four races, has ravaged in two, he has fallen in one where he was devastating and in the rest, he was a thousandths away from tasting the victory. Suma and continues for a favorite that he continues to show intractable and has led a Spanish triplet on the podium that was not seen since Assen 2018.

Repiten the protagonists. Rins second and Viñales third, also took the podium in the Netherlands and in addition, the Yamaha rider has not only taken a step forward in this great prize but has endured the pull of a Dovizioso (4th) that has taken him to the limit . First a failure in the change of gears and then a decline in performance have made fade the possibility of a historic Sunday for Petronas, which has only added with the seventh position of Morbidelli. And again, as for the winner, Márquez regains the lead and adds his 46th MotoGP victory, staying just one of the numbers of a Jorge Lorenzo that has been 12.

Thus we live the race of the GP of Spain Previous of the race of the GP of Spain

"No te remember the records until someone arrives and takes them away ", recognized Marc Márquez in Jerez after a devil named Quartararo, snatched his precocious mark as the youngest driver to achieve a pole position in the queen category.

Four races needed the Frenchman so that, in the same track where he premiered his personal poles account in 2015, at the record pace, he won the first place and without It's out of the ordinary, it was just a matter of performance, leaving the king of the poles in third place since his partner , Morbidelli, also placed the other Yamaha satellite in the front row with his second position. The M1 works, but the frames of Viñales and Rossi did not leave the same feeling.

Despite that of Roses solved, in part, their problems, the satellite dressed officers and the officers, settled for the fifth and thirteenth position respectively. The Italian will have to use that magic that invades him on Sundays while Jorge Lorenzo, will have to pull talent to confirm his return.

started very well the weekend for the Balearic, but things got complicated as it also happened in Ducati. Dovizioso will start fourth and Petrucci seventh in a test, where Marc Márquez will do everything possible not to lose another record, the youngest winner in MotoGP, in addition to cutting distances in a World Cup that starts again in Jerez.

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