Summary Moto2 and Moto3 in France: McPhee and Márquez, 1st

The Spanish has managed the weight of the test to perfection and has returned to win from Japan 2017, with Navarro and Fernandez completing the podium.

With the victories of McPhee and Márquez in Moto3 and Moto2 respectively, we say goodbye for two weeks when the sixth race of the 2019 MotoGP World Championship in Mugello will be held. Thank you for continuing with us on Sunday at Le Mans. See you soon!

McPhee wins and Marquez shines at Le Mans

Only 17 drivers have seen the checkered flag in the Moto3 class and McPhee was clear that he had to be one of those who did it. The Briton has crowned the end of the week with the first victory of the season, is the fifth different winner of the year, in a test where Suzuki wanted to be the protagonist. The Japanese has not left the first place until a fall in the last bars have left him out of the race and SIC 58 Squadra Corse, with Antonelli also out of the race, has gone from heaven to the reality of the small category in just two weeks. Equality reigns and in the middle of it, Dalla Porta and Canet have been the ones They have stood out with the winner above the rest.

More than outstanding, the performance of Álex Márquez at Le Mans has been brilliant. I needed him and the work has brought a reward that he has executed outstandingly. The ilerdense, with the exception of the first round, has thrown back the whole weight of a test in which he has not made any mistake and has ended the Spanish drought at the top of the podium in Moto2 Not win since Japan 2017 , he was the last to add a victory for ours, and also the streak has come to an end with a Spanish triplet on the podium. Navarro and Fernandez have fought for the last two positions of the drawer until the end and finally the poleman has been second, with the third Madrid.

So we live the Moto2 and Moto3 race of the French GP

Pole the Moto3 in the day yesterday. John McPhee, who had to try his luck in Q1 to gain a place in the session where the first 18 positions of the grid are decided, did not settle for passing the court but also went to repeat the first position he achieved in the purgatorio. And so he did. He became the first small class driver to start from the pole after going through the elimination round and lead a first row in which will escort Arbolino and Ogura.

The Spaniards will have to come back. With Ramírez as the best of ours in the sixth place, Fernandez and Garcia, by sanction, will leave 12 positions further back of the 8th and 10th that respectively achieved in a timed that the fifth poleman signed in five big prizes played so far in the light class. However, in Moto2 he repeated his name in the first position. Jorge Navarro chained his second pole in a row of the season, as did Márquez with a fall in the qualifying session, and is still full for a date in which Luthi, that also went down, will start second with Álex Márquez at his wake and completing the first row.

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