Strong accident of Alonso in the training of the Indy

The driver is fine, but his car was damaged after hitting three times against the walls of the oval. "Lesson learned," he said.

Just like when a child falls off a swing in the park. It could serve as simile to explain what it means to Fernando Alonso crash at more than three hundred kilometers per hour on a racing circuit. A few minutes of the tremendous accident of the Spaniard in the Indianapolis oval when news arrived tranquilized from the United States. "Everything in order", wrote the friend, is the way to say that despite the blow, the disgust and the anger for having made a mistake, the pilot was fine.

The Asturian was in one of his best laps , had spent an hour and a half of the second free practice, when touched the outer wall with his McLaren, lost control and went to the other side of the track to hit the other wall, the interior, and from that point again until the concrete of outside. Chas, after, croc ... And already. He ended up standing in the middle of the track with his papaya car half destroyed. Fortunately, the Spaniard suffered no damage despite the tremendous blow, as we said, although he had to go to the medical center of the Indianapolis circuit for a review. At that time he was the fastest driver, with 46 laps in total and he had the 16th fastest time with a best lap of 225.433 miles per hour (362,799 km / h) .

Fernando soon spoke to the media and even put a message of encouragement to your team in social networks. And he assumed guilt, like the big ones. This was the accident in the words of the Asturian genius: "I was a bit close to another car and suddenly, in the middle of the curve, I completely lost the front grip, I tried to lift my foot and avoid the wall, but it was not enough. Fortunately, it has happened on this day, I'm sorry for the team. " Y completed: "I made a mistake in corner three underestimating the grip, I feel sorry for the team and for the guys who will now have to work a lot now Lected lesson, we will be stronger today, later, or tomorrow." Finally it will have to be on this Thursday when he returns to pilot a pilot who needs to shoot and shoot as many as possible to get back into the category and especially to make the McLaren mature.

Until that time the day was much more productive than the previous one and his car worked without major problems, although still far in the table of the fastest. Alonso has another car made in Florida by Carlin for McLaren with some concrete contributions from England and with which he is made in Woking with details from the United States that is the one with which he had the accident. This is one of the crashes that the Asturian has suffered in which more speed reached along with the one of Interlagos 2003 with the Renault or the one of Australia 2016 with the McLaren, in both cases with worse consequences for his salutes. Now, to get up ... and get back on the swing.

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