Stephen Curry (37 + 13 + 11) sentences and leads the Warriors to their 5th consecutive Finals

Partidazo of the base to lead Golden State, which won after extension. The Oakland hope rival: they want to win 4 rings in 5 years.

The Warriors return to the NBA Finals. Those of Steve Kerr, who manage to reach the fifth in five years, something tremendous, in which they seek to win the fourth in that timeframe.

The way to achieve it shows that the wood of champions of which they are made is good oak: in Portland, hard court, without Durant, Cousins and Iguodala, after an extension and going back for the third consecutive game. They could win days of rest, which is phenomenal given their physical condition, and pressed to resolve it in four sweeping Trail Blazers that have suffered in this series after having shone in the previous two.

Con Stephen Curry began everything in that 2014 , when it was seen that he was something more than special, and with him he continues and who knows if it will end (since the speculation about the disarming of this team follows one day and the other also). He was hiding and has gone out to give the thrust to his brother Seth's team with another superhuman performance: 37 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists. Curry has achieved the 2nd best ratio of points in a Western Conference finals, surpassed only by Amar'e Stoudemire, and as a pair of Draymond Green becomes the 1st to complete a triple-double in a playoff game. At the height of very few.

The match began with a duel between backcourt players: Lillard and McCollum against Curry and Thompson. The bases were the most pulling the car, but almost. Good pitches to start the match high. Alfonzo McKinnie was the substitute of Iguodala, of low by some annoyances in the leg, and did not clash: braked well to Harkless and Aminu and left with 12 points in the sack. From the bases went to the pivots and there began to lose comba the Warriors, who had remained even ahead in the first period; the second came to punish the defensive efforts of Jordan Bell despite the spectacular flight and emphasize the good fit of Stotts giving more prominence to Meyers Leonard. The '11' of the Blazers began to score 3-pointers as if the world were ending, without expecting that this season was going to die there, and took more than ten the advantage of their own before the break with the public sick for their performance , on the rise during the series. But two quick actions, including a triple from Curry from Oakland, just before the horn of the break shortened the difference to fourth and that was an important moment to keep the match at bay.

When it became the locker room, new panorama. Once again Lillard and McCollum got down to work, but this time they were really going to hurt. In those moments it was going to forge the distance that really threatens the game for the champions: 95-78 (minute 34). In a minute, with Livingston breaking the schemes of Portland and Curry putting another two triplazos (it would end with seven), they were put back to only five. It was more mental than physical torture. Collins also appeared and began to play more inside than outside, but the result was already being defined: maximum equality, as in most of the series. There would be an extension after a last minute of regulation time with 0 points between the two. There he played again to celebrate the sound of Draymond Green, excellent and vindictive in the tie, after the triple that 115-119 gave way to 117-119 final.

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