Stage of the day: end of sprinters after a tribute to Da Vinci

The second stage in line of the Giro d'Italia 2019 will depart from Vinci in honor of Leonardo. Finish in Orbetello after 220 kilometers. Predictable sprint.

Special match in the Giro d'Italia, since I will start from Vinci, Leonardo's hometown, , which will be honored before the start because 500 years have passed since his death. After the memory, the cyclists will again have a wavy route with a practically flat finish. The route crosses the hills of Siena before reaching the plain of Grosseto.

From that point until the arrival, only the short and light obstacle of the Poggio l'Apparita will be the difficulty before the final level that leads to the finish line . After his victory in Fucecchio, Ackermann rises in the bets. Viviani and Ewan, second and third, are the other names along with Gaviria and Demare that should fight for the triumph.

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