Sevilla and Getafe already know their first rivals in the Europa League

Those of Nervión will be in bombo 1 and avoid United and Arsenal; the blues have yet to define whether they will be in drum 2 or 3.

With Chelsea's triumph over Arsenal, both Sevilla and Getafe already know some of their possible rivals in the next edition of the Europa League. Both teams enter directly into a group stage for which there are already 17 teams. The other 31 will be known after the previous phases of the competition and the previous Champions, which also fall teams to the Europa League.

Así, in addition to Sevilla and Getafe, the rest of the classified teams are: Arsenal and Manchester United (England), Sporting (Portugal), Lazio and Milán (Italy), Besiktas (Turkey), Borussia Moenchengladbach and Wolfsburgo (Germany), Rennes and Saint-Etienne (France), CSKA Moscú (Russia), Malinas (Belgium ), Oleksandria (Ukraine), Lugano (Switzerland) and Wolfsberger (Austria) .

Furthermore, although it is not yet official, it is possible to calculate in what kick of the draw of the group stage the Spanish teams will be. El Sevilla is again the team with the highest coefficient of the competition, so it will be in the hype 1, that of the seeds. This ensures you get rid of sharing group in the first phase with teams like Arsenal, United or the Besiktas.

El Getafe, meanwhile, will be in the bombo 2 or 3 depending on whether the teams that are entering the competition have a greater or lesser coefficient than yours. For example, Milan is in the same situation as azulones.

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