Sergio Rodríguez: "It's not always possible, but winning is the host"

The Canarian base achieved his second Euroleague, this time being the first Spaniard to win it with a foreign team: "When you work with Tension you can enjoy yourself more".

Sergio Rodríguez attended the microphone of Movistar + as soon as he finished the final that crowned him as European champion for the second time in his career: "This is spectacular, it has been a very long year for what happened last season. year fucking for that, but when you work all day with determination to get things right and the end is incredible. We are very happy and the night will be long We are leaving tomorrow and there is time to enjoy ".

El base spoke of the difficulty of the match, in which the Efes was raised several times, and the Final Four in general: "There has been a lot of tension, with two tough games, as is normal at this point, these teams know that they can come back in Yesterday it was us and today it was they who did it several times ".

With one of her daughters in her arms and tremendously happy, she did not want to put any of her two Rolled over the other when asked what had been more special for him: "The Madrid was amazing, for being at home and because we had two losses. And it's in Moscow, also a unique place to be a champion. Winning is the host. You are going over it and you realize that I have been very lucky to be a good team. I am the first Spaniard to win with two different teams and it is a pass ".

Finally he spoke about his future: " We will see later. Now we have to consult with the family and make a decision but now is not the time . The first thing I have done is look at the stands looking for my wife and my daughters. I have a great family that knows all the sacrifices I have to make. You arrive at CSKA and you see how big that club is. You want to be up to the entity, you have pressure and more this year. In the end everything has worked. We are here to win and it can not always be done. So for now we have to enjoy this ".

Larkin:" In the future we will see that we have made a great Euroleague "

" It has been a tough game. The plan was to do things similar to Friday but they were taking advantages and we had to work to cut them. Now we are very sad to have lost but I think that, when time passes, we will see that we have made a great Euroleague. You can not talk about individual performances if you lose the game in the end. The important thing is the team, everyone's work ".

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