Scandal in sight? Zion can give up going to the Pelicans

Two of the most prestigious journalists covering NBA information in the US They talk about it: Williamson could go back to Duke.

The futuro of Zion Williamson is uncertain. It was before the lottery of NBA Draft 2019 and will be until the ceremony is held, although everyone places him in the first position of the litter this year.

Ese first place belongs to the Pelicans. If a transfer does not remedy it, it would be an option to shuffle considering that in NOLA they are going to move to try to get something of great value by Anthony Davis (who could have played his last game with that shirt, since he asked to leave ), Zion Williamson has many, if not all, ballots to end there.

This is the one that has raised another adjacent: that the player resign to go to the NBA this season. He has the option to continue his university journey, something he would do at the Universidad de Duke, and it seems that it is something that is on the table. Brian Windhorst (ESPN) assures that "it is a conversation that is taking place in the circles of the NBA". Marc Stein (NYT) notes that "not signing with an agent makes the possibility open right now."

It is highly unlikely that Williamson will resign from the NBA this year, not only because he would start charging a huge amount of money if he is the number 1 but also by the precedent and the bad image that would leave for the future.

Zion admitted after knowing that the 'pick 1' was going to New Orleans that had never visited the city, an indirect formula to end up saying that it did not convince. The Pelicans are one of the less attractive markets of NBA and more will be if Anthony Davis leaves. Zion expected that the first choice would be for the Knicks, the franchise he really wanted to go to.

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