Sainz takes stock: relatively good feelings

The Madrilenian demands to Liberty Media greater implication to eliminate the distance that separates to the 'F1b' of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Diez points, eleventh classified in the Formula 1 World Championship 2019 ... Five races after debuting with Mclaren, the performance of Carlos Sainz aboard the MCL34 could be qualified with a sufficient.

Because the Madrid native, who suffered a reliability problem in Australia and two sets of race in Bahrain and China, chaining two tests finishing in the top ten classified, although admitted in 'El Larguero' that España has been the most comfortable that has been less comfortable with the monoplace.

" The sensations are relatively good, I am happy with the car, I have adapted well and I feel I can get a lot out of it The problem is that we had our dose of bad luck in those first three races The funny thing is that this race is the one less comfortable I have felt with the car, you have to analyze why, " Sainz states.

Questioned by the speed of the MCL34 in pr ximas race, the young driver 24 ensures that the most important is being consistent in the intense battle that maintained against Alfa Romeo, Renault, Haas, Toro Rosso and Racing Point: "Depends on the weekend. Alfa Romeo, Renault ... depends. We are never the fastest, but we are always in between. We are being consistent, which is the important thing. Monaco has always been good for me, but you do not know what other people are going to do ... Let's see if we can wear it next weekend ".

In the same way, Carlos Sainz demands to Liberty Media a greater implication so that it eliminates with the regulation of 2021, the significant distance that separates at present to the average zone of the grill of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull: "I worry that there have been five doublets of Mercedes . You have to congratulate them, they have done an incredible job. They have created it against Red Bull and Ferrari who are the only ones who have a budget similar to them. In Formula 1 there are two categories. Mercedes is sweeping in category 1 and in the second one everything is very even. The problem is that there are still these two categories that are fatal to the Formula 1. Until we get rid of the space between both categories there will be no show. It's all super predictable, it bothers me to know that it's a sport that you know who will be on the podium. That's what Formula 1 has to do in the face of 2021. "

Finally, Sainz urges all institutions to agree that Montmeló will continue to be the official venue for the Grand Prix of Spain in the 'Gran Circo' "We all want the Spanish Grand Prix to continue, but we need all the institutions to reach an agreement. The arrival of Holland, has been confirmed, this is negative for us because it can replace us, but we must wait for them to reach an agreement ".

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