Sainz is not Alonso ... nor Sainz

"He is not Alonso ... nor is his father, but he is a very good driver and he has already demonstrated a lot in a universe as difficult as F1."

It was always said in the Journalism faculty, in those classes that taught that your exclusive today is used to wrap the fish of tomorrow, that the reporter, the journalist, must never be the protagonist of the news, but maybe that in the Today's journalism is as lost in oblivion as the paper ... of wrapping. So I will tell you something personal that may help us to illustrate the issue at hand. I will always be Manolín, in my town, in Valdemorillo, the son of Manolo, come on, the one in the bar, the son of Campos ... in short, no matter how much I did in my life I will always be, even now that he is no longer , The son of my father. Manolín So are the things. It comes to the case because the comparison will always be recurrent and frequent as between Carlos Sainz, father and son. 'That one goes faster than his father', I heard once. 'Bah, it does not even reach the sole of the shoe', on the other hand. The thing is that Carlos, the F1 driver, is Sainz, like his father, but it's different, or better, or worse, that's what time will tell, just another person.

Pass the same with Fernando Alonso. Carlos is now the only Spanish driver in Formula 1, the successor of the Spaniard, one of the best of all time, not only in our country, in the world. Is Sainz as good as Alonso? Well, we'll see ... at the moment you can only compare with the statistics and we know that the numbers and the F1 are not very good friends in terms of the quality of the pilot, that they tell Fernando exactly. So no, Sainz is not Alonso ... nor is his father, but he is a very good driver, really of an extraordinary talent, who has not had it easy to arrive, even if he thinks otherwise, and who has demonstrated already much in a universe as complicated as that of F1. Trust in Sainz. No, it's not his father, but it's Sainz, it's not Alonso, but he's also a Formula 1 driver. Give him time, he can, you'll see ... Meanwhile, I will always be Manolín, right? Pa?

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