Rubi: "This has been our roundest party"

"I had trouble making the changes because there was nothing to touch up," acknowledged the Espanyol coach, who said that the second half against Atlético "was fantastic."

One of the best games of Espanyol: "Yes. Totally, we can put it among the three or four best, even the roundest. We have been growing during the match, the 1-0 helped us a lot and the second part was fantastic. I hope people have enjoyed it. It is not easy to do this every day but it is the idea we have ". A system 4-4-2: "In attack the idea was this. In defense, a 4-5-1, returning a little to the origins. If you leave Adrià space in the lane to throw the ball forward, it does what it has done to you. And more because we do not have a left end ". They advanced on the scoreboard and won: "At halftime I told them that we were back, that I prefer to get 1-0 to get them, because it has much merit to advance so many times on the scoreboard. We were able to keep pushing up when there were options. We play equally from start to finish. I had trouble making the changes because there was nothing to touch up. " Euforia in the stands: "If today you have not enjoyed, you make it difficult for me. It has been all year: moments of very good football, it has been very difficult to score goals ... It is not always easy to link two good matches ". Will LaLiga be short? "LaLiga is what it is, we have the points we deserved. I prefer to finish the league with these sensations, with a team that has grown, that has been able to get out of the hole. Let's hurry the illusion we have until the last day. " Merit: "Almost everything. We have tied Atlético very well and even then they did us two times and we had a bad time on set pieces. Atlético came out to win. What I value is that we win with very good feelings, respecting the idea we have of the game. What makes me more optimistic is that young people keep pulling up and veterans are also very involved. " Europa: "It is important not to deviate from match to match, but we have always talked about this illusion of finishing as high as possible. We have not shied away from talking about it, even though there are people who have thrown in the towel before their time. Until the last minute you have to fight it. "

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