Ruben Sosa: "Atleti would not have to let Diego Godín go"

In an interview with Efe, the "Little Prince" also highlighted the good present of Luis Suárez, and where he would like to see Edinson Cavani play.

Uruguayan former player Ruben Sosa said This Monday that Atlético de Madrid would not have to let go of Diego Godín because he is a captain of captains , although he assured that he "loves" the idea of seeing him at Inter Milan, the team from that he was a figure. In an interview with Efe, the "Little Prince" also highlighted the good present of Luis Suárez, and where would you like to see Edinson Cavani play.

Home, as you see here, we are in Los Céspedes (National training camp). I could retire in the team of my heart, which is National. I thought it would be more difficult, although in the first years it is complicated.

When you love football, when you have fun, it seems that the world is running out, but when you continue with my beloved Nacional, it was better for me. I have my little school of children's soccer and then I am always linked to football. Do you know how I retired? I had to see myself on TV, when I made a goal I limped and said 'I can not play football anymore'. If not, I would not leave it. My friend (Carlos) Suero, who was a doctor here in Nacional (...) told me "I continued because you are the example" (...). I said "Serum, I'm 38 and I can not stand it anymore, my knee hurts, everything hurts" and that's how I left off, but I had to see myself on television. -Where did your best version look?

-I think in Italy. The best version of me was at Inter and Lazio. Italy was the "boom" for me, because I played against great players. Maradona was in Naples (...), in Milan they were (Ruud) Gullit, (Marco) Van Basten and (Frank) Rijkaard, and in Inter they were (Lothar) Matthäus, (Jürgen) Klinsmann and (Andreas) Brehme . I played at the time when there were only three foreigners, they did not have an extra-community passport. I never wanted to take it out because I'm Uruguayan, I'm from the "garra charrúa". I did not want a passport to play football, I knew what I had to do. I think the trajectory I did enjoyed it a lot and maybe now I realize, after veteran.

- What was it like to play in Zaragoza?

-Zaragoza was for me one of the most important cities, because I was 18 years old. I made my debut in the first division at 15 on the Danube and at the age of 18 I was married, that was important, a partner next to me. I went to Zaragoza for four years, where I won a Copa del Rey against Barcelona (Bernd) Schuster. Barcelona was the favorite to win the Cup and we won it. The city of Zaragoza is very beautiful, it is very small but very beautiful. The fans are fans (...), it was a very nice season.

-What does Spain mean to you?

-Spain is my soccer school, because I played with the big ones (...). It was a very nice experience to explode in Italy. We in South America have the paddock, play in a field, grab a ball and we play and have fun, what Europeans have is the physical form, so I grabbed both. -Do you go to Zaragoza?

-I follow it very little, I went to Zaragoza, when I can I go. In October I'm going to Spain and I'm going to pass through Zaragoza, I know he's going through a bad moment (sic). (...) It has been many years that they are paddling to be able to climb to First and it is a city to be in First. -How was your time at Inter Milan?

-We had a great team, we won a UEFA Cup, we fought the championship with Milan (...).

The Inter for me was the most important team I was in. I remember playing with 60,000 people and shouting your name, you drop the world down (...). I enjoyed it immensely; for me the Inter is up there. -How do you see the possible transfer of Diego Godín to Inter Milan?

- (Godín) is a captain of captains, a player with a barbaric experience, a protagonist, everyone follows him. I love the idea because the truth is a champion, but I think that Atlético should not let him go for what he has done, not only him but the whole team. -What does Diego Simeone tell me?

- Simeone prints a mark, a mark, a game that Atlético de Madrid never had. He was a player who gave everything on the court, and the team did the same. (...) He is a great, a great coach, as he has shown. -If the Inter Milan president asked you to recommend a player to hire, who would you recommend? - I (Edinson) Cavani love it. Cavani has to be in a heavier team, an Inter, a Juventus, because you just can not, you have to have a team back (...) .

A him I say: 'walk for Inter already'. - How do you see the present of Luis Suárez?

333333-Suárez came very young from Salto here, I think at 12 years old. (...) Technically you saw it and said 'can not be a soccer player'. When he came to Primera, in the first five or six games he did not score and the people whistled him, but he was lucky to have a great coach who said 'you, I kept training'. After training he kept the bag of balls for another hour and there you said 'this is going to come out'. She is a person that I greatly appreciate, a person that I saw her born, that loves what she does. He is always with the ball, he is not technically good but he screws you with the head, he goes to the last ball as if it were the first and that is what led him to be a star.

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