Rozier exploits: "I sacrificed my talent playing with Irving"

The base of the Boston Celtics was questioned in First Take on whether he would remain on the team in case there were no changes: "I would have to go," the player said.

If everything stays the same in the Celtics, Rozier would look for new equipment. This is what he has implied in First Take, an ESPN program. Boston's base has been one of the most injured in the squad after the recovery of Kyrie Irving and has had much less opportunities this season than he had in the past, when the former Cavs were injured. A situation that has not liked the young player, who would seek new horizons in the event that everything remained the same in the franchise.

"If the Celtics had the same template as this year, would you want to stay in Boston ?, asked Steve Smith "No, I would have to leave," said the base . I've had a lot this year, I said what I said after the season, I think we all know that I'm not trying to intervene in that again, "Rozier added.

base could refer to their complaints during the year in decreasing their role. Last year and with Irving's injury in the field, Rozier went on until 26 minutes per game in the regular season, in which he averaged 11 points per game. The player exploded in the playoffs, where he averaged almost 17 points per game with extraordinary moments. Yes, it sank in the seventh game against the Cavs (like the rest of the team) in which ended with 4 points and a poor 2 of 14 shots (0 of 10 in triples).

The recovery of Kyrie this season has put in check the young professional, who was relegated to the substitution playing only 22 minutes per game in the regular season, going down in the playoffs, where he has been on track only 18 per game for the almost 37 that was last year. His numbers have suffered, and in the final phase he has remained at 6 points per duel with very bad shooting percentages (32% in field shots and 23% in triples) .

In First Take, the Celtics promise also He has been in charge of talking about the diminution of his role. "The ball was in the hands of Kyrie or Gordon (Hayward) most of the time, so Terry Rozier could only be in the corner or on the bench" , said the player, visibly angry with his role in the recent times.

The recent statements do not do any favors in Boston, which are in moments of reflection after falling to the Bucks by 4-1 in the Eastern Conference semifinals. The words of Rozier are just one more chapter of a season in which the rumors about the departure of Irving in summer or the lack of chemistry in the dressing room have been protagonists.

Rozier specifically has a qualified offer through which the Boston Celtics could match any offer that the base received in the summer market to retain it on the team. Something Danny Ainge could rethink after these last statements.

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