Ronaldo: "The reaction with Barça seems exaggerated"

The owner of Valladolid defends Valverde and Zidane, and advances on the pucelano club that "the intention in the next few years is to suffer less".

Ronaldo Nazario spoke on Tuesday night in the lobby of the Presidents 90th anniversary of LaLiga, which was held at RCDE Stadium.

The permanence of Valladolid: "It has been something very special in my sporting life. suffered a lot, with big problems and little money, we have achieved something historic and in the coming years the intention is to suffer less. "

Sergio González:" Sergio is renewed, we are very happy with him and little by little we are going to improve the club, he has a lot to grow, I am happy with all the plans we are making ".

Elimination of Barça in the Champions:" Barcelona, like Madrid, are very big teams, with huge expectations of winning everything they play. That's why, when they do not achieve it, people get very angry, which in my opinion is an exaggeration. The Champions League is not pure mathematics. I think Barça is a great team and a coach who has proven to be a great coach. "

Luca Zidane's lineup:" It seems to me that Zidane has all the credit in the world to choose whatever he wants ".

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