Ray 1X1: Álvaro and Guerra improved the team, but it was insufficient

The Vallecano team lost the opportunity to get hooked on salvation with a new defeat. The changes improved a team that is on the line.

Alberto: With 11 Albertos the story would be different. Parapenaltis Third maximum penalty that stops in the season. And this with history. He told Morales to throw it in the center. The striker decided, threw it to the center and paradón.

Tito: Little contribution. He had to deal with Morales. In attack he had no presence. In the second half, it broke down when the match went back and forth. For his band they entered with ease. Achicó waters as he could in a crazy match.

Abdoulaye: He showed his worst version. Very nervous. Garrafal error in the first goal of Levante. Very soft in defense. Bad clearance that left the ball on a plate to Campaign to score at pleasure. Replaced in the break.

Gálvez: He took risks in the second half, when Paco put up three defenders. Well in that facet, measuring with the forwards and without errors. He cut a key ball when the Ciutat sang the same. In the final minutes he was overwhelmed.

Álex Moreno: It went from less to more. When he had more freedom in attack shone. Participated in the play of Rayo goal, with a beautiful race for the band and an accurate pass to Javi Guerra in the area.

Mario Suárez: It cost him to govern in the midfield. He had possession but the domain was ephemeral. In the second half he improved, but it was not his best games. He saw the fifth caution and will not be against Valladolid.

Uche: He played the first 28 minutes of the game. Discreet and with hardly any protagonism. A lot of driving, but without ideas. With 1-0 on the scoreboard, Paco decided to substitute him for Medrán.

Pozo: He tried during the first half, but the team did not accompany him. He could not shine, he always had someone on him when he received from behind. In the second half and with spaces had something more presence.

Embarba: He tried for both bands supplying balls to the strikers. He could not connect with De Tomás. In the second half he lived in the opposite field, where he feels comfortable. He ended up sent off by a double yellow. Hard entry to Bardhi in the second.

De Tomás: He returned after two games of absence. It was not his match. He had the clearest chance of Rayo in the first half. Bad in the definition, shot softly from inside the small area when he had already won the back to Toño.

Bebé: Of the little noteworthy of the first half. His interns by band were always dangerous, but he missed the pass. In the second half he started to play more for the center and had several chances with distant shots.


Medran: He entered to give criteria to the game of Lightning. It cost him to send when the match went back and forth.

Javi Guerra: He changed the face of the team. Sensation of constant danger in the area. It provided alternatives in the attack. The assistance of Álvaro's goal was scored. He showed cool blood in the action.

Álvaro: He scored 2-1, which gave hope to Rayo. The team improved with its entry.

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